Are Fleas Possible Without Pets?

08 April 2024 · 3 min read


The Common Myth Behind Fleas

Fleas are wingless, small insects that measure only a few millimeters in length and are known for being irritating and relentless. Fleas travel by leaping from one thing to another in search of a host, where they can eat, which is mainly animal blood. Although it is uncommon for fleas to be possible without pets, it is possible.

 Fleas are known to reproduce rapidly and go through several life stages, making it quite difficult to get rid of them once they are discovered on your body or the body of a pet. If you don’t have any pets, you may believe that you’ll never experience an infestation in your house. This is a common misconception about fleas, even without furry friends, these persistent insects can and will find a way into your home through a variety of methods. 

How Do Fleas Get in Homes Without Pets Present?

Fleas, tiny and resilient insects, possess the remarkable ability to traverse different locations even in the absence of household pets. When wild animals venture near your home, be it through doors, porches, or backyards, there exists a tangible risk that fleas will opportunistically hitch a ride, inching closer to the interior. Renowned for their prowess in jumping, fleas adeptly navigate towards objects emitting heat and carbon monoxide.

Consider a scenario where a flea, initially latching onto a wild animal like a squirrel, makes successive jumps, from patio furniture to your shoe or clothing, ultimately finding a way inside. The introduction of fleas into homes often occurs inadvertently, with these resilient insects capable of lying dormant for a staggering nine months. For those embarking on the journey of homeownership, a crucial awareness surfaces.

The predecessors in your new home might have grappled with a flea predicament, thinking it resolved. While, in reality, the fleas lie in wait for a host within the carpet. Moreover, the seemingly innocent visitation of neighbors could inadvertently bring fleas into your living space. Once these opportunistic pests infiltrate your home, they proceed to establish their presence in various corners, from beds to carpets and even furniture. Awareness and proactive measures become imperative to thwart the potential fallout of a flea infestation make this not a passive tone

Can Fleas Live Without Animals Being Present in the Home?

Fleas can thrive in your home even when animals aren’t present. Though humans aren’t their top choice for hosts, fleas can still feed on us. They can’t sustain themselves on humans for long, but they can survive without their preferred hosts around. Adult fleas may go dormant for weeks to months until they find a suitable host. Despite the seemingly low risk of infestation during this dormant period, female fleas can lay around 50 eggs each day. Fleas’ ability to go dormant and lay numerous eggs underscores the importance of taking proactive measures to prevent infestations.

 What Should I Do If I Have Fleas?

Taking precautionary measures at home to prevent infestations with fleas can involve multiple preventative measures. For instances washing your bedding at low temperatures, having your carpets cleaned and steamed annually, and cleaning any fabric on pieces of furniture in your home. However, when dealing with a flea infestation, it’s advisable to bring in professionals to handle the challenge problem of fleas.

Here at Greenhouse, our experienced professionals are equipped to effectively eliminate fleas from both inside and outside your home. We approach flea control with a home flush to destroy any eggs and current fleas hiding in your home. After the treatment, we conduct a thorough inspection two weeks later to ensure that the fleas are permanently gone. Our technician’s extreme attention to detail guarantees an incredibly high success rate for our flea control. You can view our Flea Flush Preparation Guide by following this link. Contact us today to resolve your flea problem!

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