Asian Subterranean Termites Found in Tampa, FL  

24 May 2024 · < 1 min read


The recent discovery of Asian subterranean termites in Tampa Florida introduces a new invasive species to the area, posing a significant threat to local homeowners. On May 3rd, 2024, Brenton Cloud, owner of Greenhouse Termite and Pest Control, encountered this issue while training a new technician, Pedro. 

Unusual Inspection

During a routine inspection and treatment, a homeowner reported a distressing situation: termite bodies in her bathroom. Oddly, there were no discarded wings, which are usually a telltale sign of subterranean termite swarms. This unusual circumstance caught Brenton’s attention, suggesting that the termites may have swarmed outside, entered through vents, and shed their wings before infiltrating the bathroom and adjacent homes. 

These termites were larger and lighter in color than the common tan dry wood termites, complicating identification. Brenton remarked, “Their unusual appearance made identification difficult, but I suspected they were a type of subterranean termite.” Determined to identify the pests, Brenton preserved some of the dead termites and consulted with Josh at Control Solutions. On May 23rd, 2024, using a microscope, they identified the insects as Asian subterranean termites. This finding was unexpected, as these termites had previously only been reported in South Tampa. 

Unique Challenges of Asian Subterranean Termites 

Asian subterranean termites present distinct challenges. Unlike other pests, they prefer soil habitats and attack structures from the ground up. They form larger colonies than other subterranean termites and are aggressive feeders, consuming a variety of wood types, including live trees. 

Preventative Measures for Homeowners 

Brenton recommended that homeowners take preventative measures, such as installing Sentricon systems, to prevent these termites from establishing colonies. Addressing this problem will require a coordinated effort, utilizing advanced pest control methods and continuous monitoring to protect homes in Tampa and surrounding areas. 

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