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Let us handle the challenge of wasp pest control Florida and hornet pest control Flroida. Greenhouse Termite and Pest Control ensures your property is free from these intimidating pests.

Wasp and hornet infestations can quickly turn the sunny outdoors into a danger zone. These sometimes aggressive pests are infamous for hijacking previously peaceful spots and threatening with their painful stings. Greenhouse Termite and Pest Control is here to provide expert wasp and hornet removal services, safeguarding your property from their menacing encroachment.

Don’t let wasps and hornets detract from your outdoor fun. Our team of professionals offers safe removal of these pests, granting you the swift and effective solution your home deserves. We ensure your outdoor space remains a safe place where lifelong memories can be made. Greenhouse Termite and Pest Control is your solution for top-notch wasp pest control in Florida.

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Your Trusted Solution for Safe and Effective Wasp  Removal in Florida

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At Greenhouse Termite and Pest Control, we tackle wasp and hornet infestations with the same care and attention to detail we give our own homes. We begin with a thorough assessment of your property, locating areas most prone to nests and identifying how the unique aspects of your home come into play. This information guides our customized treatment strategies, ensuring effective removal while minimizing environmental impact.

Our commitment to exceptional customer service means that you’re not just another job – you’re a valued member of the Greenhouse family. We understand the stress these pests can cause, so we keep you informed throughout the process. Our experts will walk you through the treatment plan, addressing special concerns specific to your home. Greenhouse is Florida’s trusted partner in reliable wasp pest control in Florida.

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Wasps Causing Problem By Building Nest Under Roof Of House
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Wasp and hornet infestations aren’t just a nuisance – they pose genuine threats to your property and the well-being of your family. These stinging insects are highly social creatures, forming nests that can house hundreds of members. Their aggressive nature is especially dangerous during mating season, putting anyone in close proximity at risk of painful stings and the presence of a nest near your home’s entrance escalates chances of an unfortunate encounter even further.

For people allergic to their venom, wasp and hornet stings can often lead to severe reactions such as anaphylaxis. Even for folks without allergies, multiple stings still result in intense pain, swelling and discomfort. Don’t underestimate the urgency of tackling these pests head-on. Act now to prevent potential harm. Protect what matters most by investing in the safety and serenity of your outdoor spaces with Greenhouse Termite and Pest Control, the gold standard in effective wasp and hornet control.

Safeguard Your Home Year-Round with Greenhouse Wasp Extermination 

Proven Solutions – Exceptional Service

Enjoy the benefits of reliable pest defense with Greenhouse. Our treatments are designed to keep your home safe and sound throughout each of Florida’s seasons. As a family ourselves, we understand that a pest-free home makes all the difference, and our year-round services guarantee ongoing protection against ants, spiders, cockroaches and more.

Greenhouse’s commitment to exceptional service extends beyond just pest control. We pride ourselves on our personalized experience, focusing on your family’s unique needs and concerns. With our treatments, you’ll experience more than just peace of mind. You’ll have the freedom to memories that last a lifetime, free from the constant worry of pests. Our methods are not only effective but also environmentally conscious, ensuring the well-being of your loved ones, pets and the ecosystem. Choose Greenhouse Termite and Pest Control for comprehensive pest protection from people that truly care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prevent wasps/hornets from nesting on my home?

Regular pest control treatments deter wasps and hornets away from your home. You can also plant mint around your home or in your garden! Wasps/Hornets do not like the strong scent, it will deter them from nesting on your home!

Should I attempt to remove the nest myself or hire a professional?

If you’re dealing with a large nest, multiple nests, lots of wasps/hornets or if the nest is located in a difficult to reach area, you can always give your friends at Greenhouse a call! Our service technicians are trained to handle these infestations safely, so no one is harmed. 

What is the difference between a Wasp and a Hornet?

The main difference between a wasp and a hornet lies in their size, coloration, and behavior. Wasps are generally smaller and come in a variety of colors, such as yellow, black, brown, and red, while hornets are larger and often display black and white or black or yellow coloration. Additionally, hornets tend to be more aggressive and may sting repeatedly if they feel threatened, whereas wasps are typically less aggressive.   

How long do wasps live?

The lifespan of a wasp varies depending on the species and environmental factors, such as seasonal changes. In general, they live for several weeks to a few months. However, queen wasps can produce thousands of eggs in their lifetime, resulting in continuous colony growth.   

What does a hornet's nest look like?

Hornet nests can vary in appearance depending on the species and stage of development. However, they typically have a rounded, pear-shaped structure constructed with a material that looks like paper. These nests are typically gray to brown and range from a few inches to several feet.   

Are wasps/hornets dangerous?

 Wasps/Hornets can be dangerous if you are allergic or stung multiple times. Most will experience pain at the bite sight and recover quickly. If you are have an allergic reaction with symptoms such as hives, swelling in areas away from the sting, dizziness, a hoarse voice, coughing, abdominal cramping or nausea, among other symptoms, call 911 immediately.  

What should I do if I find a wasps nest or hornets nest on my home?

Do not approach the nest with your body especially if you are allergic. Give Greenhouse a call, we can take care of that wasps/hornets nest as soon as possible! We have the tools and training to take care of wasp and hornet nests.

    How do you treat a wasp's sting?

    To treat a wasp sting, follow these steps:   

    1. If the stinger is visible, gently scrape it out of your skin with your fingertips. Avoid using tweezers, as squeezing the stinger can release more venom into your skin.   
    2.  After removing the stinger, clean the site with soap and water to reduce the risk of infection.  
    3. Apply an ice pack wrapped in a cloth to the sting site for 10 to 15 minutes to reduce inflammation and pain.   

    How to get rid of a hornet's nest?

    Getting rid of hornets can be dangerous if not left to the professionals. However, if you choose to do it yourself, follow these steps and be extremely careful:  

    1. Put on thick clothing covering every inch of exposed skin. Wear a mask, gloves, and a hat to protect yourself from stings.   
    2. Hornets are less active at night, so it’s safer to remove the nests after dusk when most hornets return to their nests.   
    3. Stand at a safe distance and thoroughly saturate the nests with commercial hornet insecticide.   
    4. Be prepared to quickly escape if hornets become aggressive.   

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