What Are the Different Kinds of Pantry Pests?  

09 May 2024 · 3 min read


Pantry pests are insects that infest stored food products commonly found in kitchens and pantries. There are many kinds of pantry pests, and each can cause contamination, spoilage, and significant economic losses if not controlled properly. These pests are attracted to various food items such as grains, cereals, flour, pasta, dried fruits, nuts, spices, and pet food. Understanding the different types of pantry pests, their appearance, and reproductive habits, is crucial for finding infestations quickly and maintaining food safety and hygiene in homes and food storage facilities. 

Types of Pantry Pests  


Weevils are a type of beetle that belongs to the superfamily Curculionidae. They are small, long insects with a distinct snout and are typically brown or reddish-brown. Weevils reproduce rapidly, with females laying hundreds of eggs in food products. Their larvae develop inside grains and seeds, causing damage and contamination. 

Pantry Moths

Pantry moths, also known as Indian meal moths or flour moths, belong to the family Pyralidae. They have a distinctive triangular pattern on their wings and are typically gray or brown. The larvae infest food products, spinning silk webbing and leaving behind fecal matter, which can make food inedible. Female pantry moths can lay hundreds of eggs, leading to rapid population growth. 


Several species of beetles are common pantry pests, including the warehouse beetle, saw-toothed grain beetle, red flour beetle, and cigarette beetle. 

  • Warehouse Beetle: Warehouse beetles are small, oval-shaped beetles with spotty brown coloration. They infest a wide range of stored food products, including grains, cereals, and dried fruits. Females lay eggs directly on food items, and their larvae feed on the food, causing damage and contamination. 
  • Saw-toothed Grain Beetle: Saw-toothed grain beetles are slender, brown beetles with six saw-like projections on their front torso. They are highly adaptable and infest a variety of food products, including grains, flour, and dried fruits. Saw-toothed grain beetles reproduce quickly, with females laying eggs in cracks and crevices near food sources. 
  • Red Flour Beetle: Red flour beetles are small, reddish-brown beetles with long stretched-out bodies. They primarily infest flour and grain products but can also be found in cereals, nuts, and spices. Red flour beetles reproduce rapidly under favorable conditions, with females laying eggs in food materials. 
  • Cigarette Beetle: Cigarette beetles are small, oval-shaped beetles with a shiny brownish-red coloration. They are often found infesting stored tobacco products, spices, dried fruits, and grains. Female cigarette beetles lay eggs on or near food sources, and their larvae feed on the food, causing contamination. 

Preventing The Types of Pantry Pests 

Preventing pantry pests is essential for maintaining the safety and integrity of stored food items in your kitchen and pantry. A key strategy is to use airtight containers to store dry goods such as grains, rice, flour, pasta, nuts, and spices, as this prevents pests from accessing and infesting your food. Regular inspection of incoming items is also crucial. Check the packaging for signs of damage or pests before bringing them into your home and discard any contaminated items to prevent the spread of infestations.  

Keeping your pantry, cabinets, and kitchen clean is vital for reducing potential food sources for pests. Regularly vacuuming and wiping down shelves and surfaces removes crumbs, spills, and food debris that can attract pests, while practicing the first in and first out method ensures that older food items are used before newer ones, minimizing the risk of prolonged storage and infestation.  

Seek Professional Assistance  

Greenhouse Termite and Pest Control offers comprehensive support, providing solutions tailored to eradicate pantry pests and protect your home’s storage areas. We offer homeowners free quotes and comprehensive support to keep their cabinets and pantries free from pests. Our expertise ensures the safety and security of your storage areas, providing peace of mind and protecting your store food items. Don’t hesitate to contact Greenhouse for expert assistance in protecting your home from pantry pests. Our team is ready to help you maintain a pest-free environment. 

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