Do Ultrasonic Pest Repellents Actually Work?

03 May 2024 · 3 min read


Avoid DIY Methods

Attempting DIY pest control can be a risky endeavor, often leading to increased costs and ineffective solutions rather than solving the issue at hand. Many homeowners are drawn to DIY pest repellents in an effort to save money. Ultrasonic pest devices or plugins make tempting claims of effortless pest removal with just a simple push of a button. Before investing in these frequently overpriced ultrasonic pest control devices, it’s important to understand the distinct advantages and disadvantages of these electronic “plug pest control” methods. Which will help you know if ultrasonic pest repellents actually work inside your home.

The question is can these electronic devices really eliminate pests like spiders, roaches, termites, fleas, ticks, and millipedes? Or is professional pest control the better option?

How Ultrasonic Pest Repellents Work

Ultrasonic pest repellents produce high-frequency sound waves that are designed to be unpleasant and drive pests away. The theory is that the annoying ultrasonic noise will drive insects and other creepy crawlies away from the area.

However, the scientific evidence that has been conducted to assess the effectiveness of ultrasonic has been largely unconvincing. While some studies have initially observed a mild aversion to high-frequency sounds, insects and rodents appear to adapt and become accustomed to these sounds over time, rendering the repellent ineffective.

Proven Studies for Ultrasonic 

Several studies highlight the lack of conclusive evidence supporting the claims made by manufacturers of these devices:

1- Researchers at Kansas State University conducted a study in 2002, testing three different repellent devices on ants. After a thorough evaluation, the researchers concluded that all three devices were ultimately ineffective in deterring ants.

2- In 2007, a comprehensive study examined the impact of a wide range of ultrasonic frequenccies on German cockroaches and mosquitoes. Unfortunately, the study yielded no successful results in repelling these pests.

3- A study in 2010 study carried out at the State University of Campinas in Brazil, revealed a concerning finding. Certain devices designed to repel mosquitoes actually increased the rate of mosquito bites.

4- In 2012 researchers at Northern Arizona University tested four different ultrasonic devices but observed no significant effect on bugs.

Studies that report some positive results often have limited sample sizes. Additionally, many of these studies are conducted in controlled environments by researchers. These factors prompt experts to question the real-world applicability and commercial viability of the tested devices.

The Advantages of Professional Pest Control

Instead of wasting time and money experimenting with untested ultrasonic repellents, the most effective solution is to hire an experienced pest control technician. Here are the key benefits:

Targeted Treatments
Exterminators have extensive training to accurately identify pest species and develop a customized treatment plan utilizing scientifically proven methods. They use professional sprays, and products designed to effectively eliminate each particular pest. 

Prevention and Exclusion
Professional pest treatments don’t just deter pests; they destroy entire infestations at the source. Whether it’s spiders, roaches, termites, or other invaders, exterminators can completely eliminate all stages of the pest life cycle, including eggs, larvae, and nests.

In addition to getting rid of existing pest problems, professionals have the expertise to identify entry points to prevent future infestations from occurring. They can make exclusive recommendations like caulking cracks, installing door sweeps, and more.

You Can Make the Right Choice

Working with a reputable pest control company, such as Greenhouse Termite and Pest Control, will give you the confidence that our technicians will properly complete the job. Our technicians are trained, equipped with the proper protective gear, and can keep your home pest-free safely.
Don’t continue to battle pests with unproven ultrasonic repellents that cannot eliminate infestations. Protect your home and family’s health by contacting our experienced exterminators, who can quickly and effectively eliminate all types of pests for good.


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