German Roach Preparation Guide

05 June 2024 · 3 min read


Dealing with German Cockroaches is never easy. But with the right approach and cooperation, even the most frustrating infestations can be eliminated. Our German Roach Flush treatments involves a two-step process: an initial flush plus a follow-up visit two weeks later. In order to ensure that the service is as effective as possible, we’ll need your help. Our German Roach preparation guide below, gives crucial tips and advice necessary to maximize the impact of your German Roach Flush.


Our quarterly program does not cover German Roaches as humans introduce them into the home through boxes, groceries, or house guests.


  • There’s no way to prevent German Roaches. We give a 30-day warranty.
  • To eradicate German Roaches, it takes 2 minimum treatments: First a flush and then a 2 week follow up. Additional treatment may be necessary.
  • As long as the home is clean, the price includes all the additional trips needed. We promise full eradication (30 day warranty).
  • We are going to block out the technician for 1 hour to do your flush. If you fail to clean and prep the home before his arrival, a reschedule fee of $99.00 will apply.



The night before we arrive, we need you to eliminate all food and water sources and declutter the home.

  • First, we need you pull back the fridge, stove and other appliances because German Roaches love heating elements.
  • Vacuum/mop all food and debris behind the appliances and then put them back.
  • Remove everything in cabinets and drawers below the counter line, place them on top of your dinner table or somewhere away from the treatment areas, and then clean inside the lower cabinets. If items are being stored in treatment rooms (kitchen or bathroom), they need to be covered with a sheet or large piece of plastic to avoid product being sprayed on the items.
  • Next do the same in the bathrooms, remove everything in cabinets and drawers below the counter line.
  • Next remove all animal food and water, cannot have the animal grazing right now.
  • Also remove all boxes in the home and declutter the floor area, if you have stacks of toys on the floor, magazines, or other items then please store these items as well. This is not just the kitchen, but all areas of the house.
  • You want to pretend like you’re having family over for Thanksgiving dinner or a dinner party.
  • Finally vacuum and mop the house and you’re ready for service.
  • Animals and humans must leave the house for 2 hours, and aquariums must be covered with plastic wrap and their air bubblers turned off.


  • We will come into the home and flush the roaches out with aerosol products, they’re most likely living behind cabinets in the kitchen or bathrooms.
  • You and all pets will need to be out of the home for 2 hours.
  • After you return, please place the items back into the cabinets.
  • Products may leave residue behind; this is part of the treatment to guarantee eradication. Once you return home, please use a dry paper towel to clean up any reside insight. Do not clean with cleaning products. Wash hands thoroughly after.


  • We will return in 2 weeks to do a follow up service, but it will not be another flush, most likely just baiting and crack/crevice service. So you will not need to do the same prep again.
  • After the follow up service we will determine if you need another service, but we usually eradicate the roaches before the second service is completed.
  • After the roaches are eradicated, we will give you a 30-day warranty. But most importantly we have to figure out how they were brought into the house or this is going to happen again.

To schedule your German Roach Flush or if you have questions about German Roach preparation, give your local Greenhouse pros a call at (813) 991-0033.

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