How to Get Rid of Fleas

13 June 2024 · 3 min read


Fleas are a real pain and a challenge. They not only irritate your pets but also can be a major headache in your home. Fleas can multiply fast, so you need to address the problem quickly and properly. You might be wondering “how do I get rid of fleas inside my home,” well this guide will walk you through the steps and will provide practical advice from our experienced pest control experts.

Flea Infestation 

Fleas are small, wingless insects that feed on a wide variety of warm-blooded vertebrates, including dogs, cats, birds, and sometimes humans. Known for their jumping ability and high reproduction rate, fleas can quickly become a significant problem. A single flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day, which can fall off your pet and accumulate in your home, especially in carpet, bedding, and furniture.

How Do I Get Rid of Fleas Inside My Home?

Checking the Infestation

The first step in dealing with a flea problem is to assess the extent of the infestation. Check your pets for signs of fleas, such as excessive scratching, red bumps, or flea dirt (tiny black specks). Use a flea comb to comb your pet’s fur, especially around the neck and tail areas. Also, inspect areas of your home where your pets spend most of their time.

Treating Your pets

Treating your pets is crucial for getting rid of fleas. Consult your veterinarian for the best flea mediation. Some of the most effective products include Trifexis, Advantage, and Frontline. Rotate flea medications annually to prevent fleas from building immunity. Regular bathing and grooming of your pets will also help reduce flea populations.

Professional Pest Control Service 

Our flea flush treatment provides comprehensive flea control for your home. Here’s what you can expect. 

Initial Treatment 

During the initial visit, we will apply our flea control products in your home. You and your pets will need to leave the premises during the treatment and for two hours after. This will allow the treatment to work effectively. 

Pet Medication 

Ensuring your pets are on flea medication is the most crucial part of our treatment. Without treating your pests, fleas will continue to thrive. 


Around two weeks after the first treatment, we will return for a follow-up service. This regular check-up ensures that fleas have been completely eradicated. Unlike the initial treatment, you and your pets won’t need to leave the house for this visit. 

Prevention Tips 

Once we have successfully tackled the flea problem, it’s important to prevent future infestation. Here are some tips to help you keep your home flea-free. 

  • Continue Flea Medication: Treat your pets with flea medication year-round.
  • Maintain Cleanliness: Regularly vacuum and wash pet bedding. 
  • Periodic Checks: Periodically check your pets and home for signs of fleas, especially during warmer months. 

Why Choose Professional Pest Control?  

Expertise You Can Trust   

Professional pest control services offer a wealth of expertise and experience. At Greenhouse Termite and Pest Control, our technicians are trained to identify and treat infestations effectively. We employ the best strategies to permanently rid your home of daddy long-leg spiders.  

Protected and Effective Solutions  

Our treatments will protect your family and pets but are tough on pests. We utilize the latest techniques and products to ensure thorough and long-lasting results. With us, you can enjoy a spider-free home without worrying about harmful chemicals.   

Ongoing Support   

With Greenhouse Termite and Pest Control, you receive more than just a one-time treatment. We offer ongoing support to keep your home pest-free. We treat around four times a year to swiftly address any new infestations, providing continuous protection. If you encounter any daddy long-legs between your treatments, simply give our office a call, and we will treat them again at no additional cost.  

Getting Rid of  Fleas

Dealing with a flea infestation can be challenging, but with the right treatment and prevention measures, you can successfully eliminate these pests. By following the steps outlined above and partnering with the experts at Greenhouse Termite and Pest Control, you can keep your home flea-free. Remember, providing your pets with proper flea medication is critical to the success of any flea control program. Contact us today to learn more about our flea flush treatment and how we can help you rid your home of fleas.

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