How To Get Rid of Ghost Ants? 

17 April 2024 · 2 min read


I Have a Ghost Ant Infestation! 

Imagine this: you’re in the kitchen, ready to whip up your breakfast when suddenly your morning takes an unexpected turn. As you reach for the cereal box, you notice something peculiar. A trail of tiny of translucent ants scurrying across the countertop. These aren’t just any ants; they are ghost ants, with dark heads and pale abdomens and legs. 

At first, you might think your coffee hasn’t kicked in yet. However, as you watch these miniature specters parade across your kitchen. But no, this isn’t a hallucination, it’s a real-life encounter with a ghost ant infestation. These sneaky little critters have invaded your kitchen, turning your relaxing breakfast into an unexpected scare. 

What Attracts Ghost Ants?  

Understanding the dietary preferences of ghost ants is crucial for effective pest management. While they have a sweet tooth like their cousins, ghosts’ ants are particularly drawn to protein-rich and greasy food. This means that kitchens, with their abundance of cooking oils, meats, and other protein sources, are prime targets for ghost ant infestations.  

Additionally, ghost ants require a large amount of water to support their colonies. This need for hydration means that areas with moisture sources, such as kitchens and bathrooms, are highly attractive to these pests. Leaky pipes, dripping faucets, and condensation buildup can provide ghost ants with the water they need to thrive, making them a common sight in kitchens.   

How Do I Permanently Get Rid of Ghost Ants?  

Before you go running to a store to buy ant spray, you should know this: ghost ants have a known habit of separating their colonies. This means that while an ant spray might eradicate the ghost ants you see, it won’t address the underlying issue. Ghost ants will split off from their original colony and form new colonies somewhere else in your home, leading to a never-ending cycle of invasion and retreat.   

To effectively get rid of ghost ants for good, homeowners need a solution that goes beyond DIY methods. That’s where a trusted pest control provider comes in, Greenhouse Termite and Pest Control. Imagine a tailored solution that doesn’t just tackle the obvious ghost ants but gets to the root of the problem.   

Our technicians have been trained on a 90-year legacy of pest defense, a legacy built on professionalism, safety, and compassion. So, if you’re tired of playing cat and mouse with ghost ants in your Florida home, let Greenhouse Termite and Pest Control show you how we can make those ghostly invaders disappear for good. We offer free quotes for homeowners looking to take back their homes from these pests. 

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