How Did German Roaches Get in My House?

09 May 2024 · 2 min read


You wake up in the night so thirsty and head to the kitchen for a glass of water. And you turn on the lights in the kitchen and get such a fright! You see small brown roaches scurry for cover under the oven and under the cabinet of the sink. Aaaaarrrgghhhh you scream! Your husband wakes up and thinks you are being burgled. Then you realize that you are under attack from a different kind of beast… German Cockroaches. Unfortunately we hear this story often. Many clean homes make one, small misstep and end up infested with German Roaches. People often ask us what causes a German Roach infestation and what attracts German Roaches, so we thought we would come up with the list of the most common ways German Roaches get in my home:

  1. Boxes. Are you an Amazon addict like me? Boxes delivered to your home can hide German Roaches along with their babies. It is always best to open all boxes outside the home, inspect the contents and clean/disinfect the items if you can. Throw the boxes away before they enter your home.
  2. Supermarkets. Unfortunately, German Roaches often breed in food stores because there is a constant and continuous supply of food. Once you bring your food home, it is best to remove all food from bags before you enter your home. Wipe down all food that you can and do not bring the bags into the home. Throw them away or disinfect them if they are recyclable.
  3. Furniture. Do you love to scroll Facebook marketplace for unique pieces? I do too! The issue is that furniture, especially couches and furniture that has lots of drawers, can hold roaches along with their eggs. Clean and sanitize all furniture before bringing it into the home. Try to leave it outside to dry for as many days as possible before bringing it into the home.
  4. Second hand appliances. Fridges and washing machines are perfect habitats for German Roaches, especially appliances with a little bit of water left in them before they are turned off. You and I would hate that dark and damp environment, but to German Roaches it is heaven and a perfect place to reproduce. All appliances that you buy should be sanitized carefully before they enter the home. Unfortunately, even new appliances can carry roaches.
  5. Clothes and mattresses. I have read about department stores and clothing stores having issues with German Roaches, especially those that are attached to food service areas. Be vigilant when shopping and check and clean out your bags before you enter your home!

The best way to keep German Roaches away is to be careful about the items you bring into your home and where you bring the items from. Even the cleanest homes can be a breeding ground for German Roaches and they will multiply very quickly. Many people think that having a dirty home means German roaches but that is not the case – German Roaches are very resilient and can survive on water and a small amount of food. If you have an infestation, it is important to treat it quickly and the best results come with using a professional. Call us if you have any questions or feel free to send us a picture if you need help identifying a roach in your home.

You can reach your local Greenhouse pros at (813) 991-0033.


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