How Do I Get Rid of Fire Ants: A Summer Survival Guide from your Local Pest Pros

09 May 2024 · 2 min read


Summer is coming, and we all know what that means: warm weather, outdoor fun, and of course, bugs. This is Florida afterall, and any of us can attest that the Sunshine State has more than its fair share of creepy crawlies, especially fire ants. They’re small, they’re resilient, and they’re more painful than trying to find parking near Clearwater beach. That’s why your friendly neighborhood pest pros over at Greenhouse Termite and Pest Control are proud to announce a fresh new super-treatment. That’s right! We’re taking the fight back – homeowners have been asking how do I get rid of fire ants and we have the answer!

Greenhouse is now offering pest control lawn sprays, a comprehensive yard treatment designed to enhance the Floridian experience, giving you the pest-free lifestyle you deserve. 

What is a lawn spray?

Different from lawn & ornamental services you may be familiar with, Greenhouse lawn sprays provide unparalleled coverage against home pests right at the source. Our technicians are outfitted with a power spray rig, an application device that allows us to treat every single blade of grass on your property, and we mean it. We combine rigs with specialized wand tips, allowing our classic products (the best on the market) to fully saturate your lawn down to the soil. Fire ants? Fire-antstinguished. But bugs don’t stop there and neither do we. Constant spider webs got you down? Gone. Those darn palmetto bugs keep getting inside? Not anymore. Can’t let your dog out without worrying about fleas? We’ve got you covered. Lawn sprays are absolute kryptonite for these pests plus many more.

Are lawns sprays safe for my kids and pets? How about the environment?

Lawn sprays may be a super-service, but that doesn’t mean we’re willing to compromise on our commitment to safety. We still apply the same classic products we’ve used all along, now turbocharged. This means that you and yours have nothing to fear from toxic chemicals while enjoying even greater protection from Florida’s most frustrating pests. Let the kids out to play without agonizing over them getting bitten up. Have friends and neighbors over for a barbecue party. Host a squirt gun/water balloon war. Florida is a paradise, and you deserve to enjoy it.  Let’s take back control of your yard this summer.  

How do I get rid of fire ants and how much will lawn sprays cost?

Put down the hacksaw. Your arms and legs can stay where they are. “But a premium service costs a premium price.” Not this time. Lawn spray treatments can be easily bundled into any new or existing perimeter service for as little as $79. Pricing varies by yard side and services are fully warrantied, including fire ants. Our family believes in protecting the places where memories are made. Give Greenhouse a call today to learn how we can help your family create memories that last a lifetime.

*please note that Greenhouse is not a lawn & ornamental service provider. This service is for general household pests.


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