I Have Roaches in My Car, What Should I Do?

09 April 2024 · 3 min read


Help! I Found Roaches in My Car

Unwelcome roaches invading your car prompt a repulsive and unsettling reaction. Identifying signs such as a musty and oily odor, roach droppings, and the presence of roach eggs is crucial. Roaches tend to hide under floor mats, in ventilation systems, within doors, glove compartments, and center consoles. Detecting a roach infestation can be difficult because these nocturnal pests only come out to search for food or water. Understanding how these pests infiltrated your car is essential. Roaches can slip into your vehicle through tiny openings or cracks, drawn by the promise of shelter and potential food sources. Taking effective steps to eliminate the roach infestation is crucial, as is addressing the root cause to prevent future intrusions.

How Did Roaches Get Inside?

Several possibilities exist for how a roach managed to infiltrate your car. One common explanation is the presence of gaps, openings, or cracks in and around your vehicle. Roaches excel at navigating through narrow spaces, exploiting even the tiniest openings in windows or doors.

Alternatively, a roach might have hitched a ride inside through various items such as shoes, cardboard boxes, or purses. Open sunroofs or windows offer easy access, with roaches potentially falling from trees or flying into your car. Numerous potential explanations exist for their entry, but understanding why they were attracted to your car remains paramount.

How Do I Prevent Roaches From Getting in My Car?

Maintaining cleanliness in your car is essential to preventing roaches from re-entering your car. Cleaning your car regularly is the most important, as it eliminates potential food sources and hiding spots for these unwanted pests. This means removing trash and vacuuming the floors to eliminate any crumbs or food residue. Also, paying attention to any spilled liquids, because roaches are attracted to moisture and love damp environments. To minimize the likelihood of attracting roaches, you can restrict the consumption of food in your car (sorry kids!).

Roaches seek the warm shelter of your car during the winter, and around this time they are looking for a safe area to lay their eggs. However, by addressing these preventative factors and practicing good hygiene habits, you can create an environment that is less inviting for roaches and can reduce your chances of their return. 

How Do I Get Rid of Roaches From my Car?

Many people believe that using bug bombs to get rid of roaches in their car is the best method. However, after speaking to our expert technicians at Greenhouse Termite and Pest Control, we discovered that this method exposes people to toxic and flammable chemicals that are not effective against roaches. Greenhouse cares about your safety and the environment and provides an effective way to remove roaches from your car.

Our expert technician from Dunedin/Clearwater, Joseph recommends our effective, environmentally friendly, and fast approach to getting rid of roaches, which is the German Roach Flush method. Before implementing this approach, we kindly ask the homeowners to empty their vehicles. Our technicians then apply roach bait to targeted areas where roaches may hide. We then use a controlled gassing process to carefully kill off the roaches. After the service is complete, we ask the homeowner to wait two hours before opening their car to ensure that every roach is killed. After the car has been aired out, we ask the homeowner to thoroughly clean their car by vacuuming to ensure the German Flush kills all roaches and will prevent any recurrence.

If you have roaches in your car, you are not alone, our technician, Joseph, informed us that this is a common issue that can be fixed. Call Greenhouse today to discuss your roach issue and how we can address it in an environmentally friendly and effective method. 

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