Help! Why Are There So Many Spiders and Webs in my Pool Cage in Lakewood Ranch?

08 April 2024 · 4 min read


Spiders in Lakewood Ranch 

You love your Lakewood Ranch home and the wonderful surrounding community – great schools, beautiful nature walks, and safe community events. Your home is your favorite place to be! However, those dreaded webs in the pool cage are a serious downer. Here, we are going to discuss the types of spiders in Lakewood Ranch and how to keep them out of your pool cage.

The country living in Lakewood Ranch is one of the best things about living here, however, spiders often go along with the country lifestyle.  The most common spiders in Lakewood Ranch are:

House Spider

 Normally dark brown and leaves a funnel-shaped web. Often found in dark places like your attic or an old shoe! They are not harmful and very rarely will they bite – if they see you, they will likely clear out of that area pretty quickly. They can often be easy to catch and place outside to eat other insects!

Daddy Long Legs

Light brown or grey in color with extremely long legs, hence the name! They are often called Cellar Spiders, found in homes and attics as they prefer the inside to the outside.

Southern House Spider

These spiders have 8 eyes and are often dark brown in color. They are known to build very thick and messy webs.

Jumping Spiders

There are at least 11 species of jumping spiders in Florida. They are typically found outside and they have forward-facing eyes. They are known to have great vision!

Black Widow

 Widow spiders have a red marking on their abdomen. They are quite shy and will hide at any chance they get. They will only bite if they are poked or accidentally poked in clothing or a shoe.

Brown Recluse

  Recluse spiders, although uncommon in Florida, pose a danger, so we included them on the list. They have six eyes and the violin shape on their backs.

Find Out What Attracts Spiders

If you want to get rid of spiders on your porch or deck for good, the most important thing is to figure out what makes them come in the first place. Just getting rid of the spiders won’t work if you don’t deal with what’s attracting them to your home.

The main thing that brings spiders to your patio is food. However, they won’t stick around if they can’t find anything to eat. It’s worth noting that spiders like to snack on insects, so if your patio is full of flies, cockroaches, moths, mosquitoes, and other bugs, you’re more likely to have lots of spiders hanging around.

Bugs also get attracted to light. They use sunlight to find their way around, and they can’t distinguish between the light on your patio and natural sunlight. So, they try to move towards the light, and spiders do the same. This means spiders will follow both the light and the other bugs going towards the light, sort of like hitting two targets with one shot.

Spiders also like places where they can live comfortably. They are attracted to cracks, small openings, and other spots where they can hide and wait for insects to pass by. Many spiders really like hiding in gaps, gutters, and cracks.

Now that you know what brings spiders to your patio, you can do things to keep these eight-legged bugs away.

Why Are They Attracted to My Pool Cage?

Simply put, spiders are attracted to pool cages due to other insects hiding out in there. It is a buffet in your pool cage for most spiders! If you have a regular pest control service, it will cut down on the bug population and then the spider population should decrease also.

Spiders and insects are also attracted to water and your pool (even with chlorine) is the perfect place for a continuous supply of water. 

spider removal service

How to Prevent Spiders in my Pool Cage

  • Regular cleaning of your pool cage is the best way to keep spiders away. If there are no small insects inside the pool cage, the spiders will look for dinner elsewhere. Regular service from Greenhouse also helps keep those webs away. 
  • Avoid lights on for long periods of time in your pool cage. Light attracts small insects, and than spiders follow them.
  • Be sure to repair ripped or damaged screens. 
  • Remove unused furniture and items around your home. Spiders love these hiding spots, so it is best to keep your pool cage and exterior free of these items.
  • Regular pest control treatment will help. If you eliminate bugs, you will eliminate spiders and webs!

Other Spider Prevention Tips

The best way to eliminate spiders and webs from your pool cage in Lakewood Ranch is regular, quarterly pest control services to cut down on bug populations around your home. Other spider prevention tips include:

  • Seal and caulk any open cracks and crevices around your home. 
  • Don’t leave the garage door open for long periods of time.
  • Don’t leave outside lights on for long periods of time. Spiders perceive this as an opportunity to feast on other bugs attracted to the lights.
  • Clean up! Avoid leaving debris around your home, including landscape trimmings and fire wood. Be sure to throw away old furniture too.

Find out more about Greenhouse’s spider control program.

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