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Our Pests Treatment 

At Greenhouse Termite and Pest Control, we treat for all different types of pests including ants, roaches, spiders, silverfish, exterior rodents, centipedes, millipedes, termites, wasps, hornets, pantry pests, fleas, and ticks. 

Exterior Rodents: Based on the size of your property, Greenhouse Termite and Pest Control will strategically place rodent bait boxes around your home in areas where rodents are likely to nest. These bait stations contain a potent rodenticide that, once consumed, disrupts the rodent’s internal system, leading to mortality.

Centipedes, Millipedes, Fleas, and Ticks :Greenhouse Termite and Pest Control uses a comprehensive lawn spray to eradicate centipedes, millipedes, fleas, and ticks. This spray prevents these pests from entering the lawn and eliminates any existing pests. The treatment covers the entire lawn, from the curb to the fence line, ensuring thorough protection.

Hornets & Wasps: At Greenhouse Termite and Pest Control employs a natural extermination method. This involves wiping the eaves of your home quarterly to prevent the growth of new nests. Any existing nests are also removed to ensure that these pests do not return.

Pantry Pests: Our technicians are experts at identifying pantry pests and providing the best solution and treatment methods to completely eradicate the infestation. We recommend removing everything from your pantry, discarding contaminated items, and thoroughly cleaning the pantry or cabinets. If necessary, we will then spray the pantry or cabinet to ensure the infestation is completely eliminated.


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Trusted Family Business

Our knowledge dates back to the 1930’s. With a 90 year pest legacy, we are the most trusted pest control.

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We treat pests using environmentally conscious products. Our products are also kid and pet-friendly.

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Conveniently Located

Greenhouse serves Florida’s West Coast in 6 different counties including:

– Charlotte
– Hillsborough
– Manatee
– Pasco
– Pinellas
– Sarasota

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Exceptional Service

You can expect exceptional care with Greenhouse. We tailor our appointment scheduling to suit the unique needs and availability of each customer, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience.

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Megan Stevenson
Megan Stevenson
Nikolas Berglund did an awesome job at my home yesterday!! Usually they are there in the am so I don’t see them. Due to all the rain it was the afternoon and I had my dog in backyard. He let me know he was there and mentioned my pup. So I could bring him in. He got all the spider webs on top of screen and really did an awesome job!! Thanks Nick!! What a nice pleasant person!! Your lucky to have him as employee!! Thanks again!! 👍👍
Ray and Josh arrived on time and provided excellent service to our lawn and home this morning. They also got a little chuckle watching me reenact scenes of the bugs we’ve been finding around the house lately. I’ve lived in Florida for years but these new bugs are keeping me from enjoying the outdoors and are creeping into our house. Thank you so much for helping with that Ray and Josh!
Thank You Pedro & Greenhouse Environment for your help today in being so kind & making sure to answer our questions as you serviced our home on our current insect concerns.
Timothy Myers
Timothy Myers
Nik did great! Five Stars!This is for previous visit. He's here again today and showed me, on request, how to do a scan!I'm an old man who can use the extra help!He's a good guy,A keeper . . .Nik did a great job on squito spray.Thorough.Thanks, Nik.Monday. 5/20/24Nik did a great job. Very thorough: didn't miss a beat! I'm a happy camper: no mosquitos.Thanks, Nik!My 7/3 post re: service on 7/1 by Nik B. And Josh N. Seems to have disappeared from here!?They came for mosquito control and did a great, effective treatment. No 'squitos detected and no-see-'ems gone, too. Thanks, Guys.7/10/24: Nik B. Came yesterday to treat foundations. A thorough, thoughtful, methodical approach to a job well done was executed. Nik always does a great job!I am glad to see him when he comes because I know by now I can trust him to do his best:His best seems to be THE Best! Thanks, Nik.Hope you keep coming back!
Marlaina Iannotti
Marlaina Iannotti
Spencer was great. Very kind and answered all of my questions.
Arlene Grados
Arlene Grados
Nik B did an awesome job,went over and above in providing our services. Rate him a 10+
David Spallinger
David Spallinger
Josh Newman did a great job was very impressed with his knowledge. Took his time explaining everything.
Beth Moran
Beth Moran
Elmer was great. Called to let me know he ask. His way so I could protect pups fromGetting out. He was efficient and polite
Michael Czibik
Michael Czibik
Spencer was great. Professional yet personable. Great experience. Highly recommend both Spencer and Greenhouse.
Rachel T
Rachel T
Ray was super helpful and nice!!

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