My Dog is Itching, How Do I Know If It’s Fleas?

08 April 2024 · 3 min read

So, you’ve noticed your beloved furry friend scratching constantly, leaving you to wonder what’s causing their discomfort. As you observe them rolling around on your carpet, you start to suspect the presence of fleas. You might be searching my dog has fleas what should I do? Well first thing, don’t panic; you’re not alone in facing this common household issue. 

These persistent pests, fleas, can quickly turn your home into an uncomfortable environment for both humans and pets. These wingless insects thrive on the blood of animals, especially your pets, and once established indoors, they can be challenging to eradicate. 

In this comprehensive guide on how to get rid of fleas inside your home, we’ll delve into the world of fleas, exploring the signs of an infestation, effective methods for eliminating them, and how Greenhouse Termite and Pest Control can eradicate them with just two services.

Signs of Fleas   

Recognizing the signs of a flea infestation is crucial when you’ve observed your furry companion scratching constantly. Itching is indeed the most common sign of fleas, especially in pets like dogs and cats. Since you’ve already noticed your dog itching, it’s essential to delve deeper into examining their fur to confirm that your dog has fleas.

Thoroughly checking your dog’s fur is crucial to double-check that they indeed have fleas. Part the fur and inspect the skin closely for any signs of fleas. Look out for tiny white insects scurrying around or small black specks, which are flea feces. 

While itching is the primary sign of fleas, there are other indicators to watch out for as well. Fleas may leave behind red, raised bite marks on your pet’s skin, around areas like the belly, neck, and tail. These bites can cause discomfort and may lead to further complications if left untreated. 

Additionally, fleas can pose a threat to humans, especially those who are allergic to fleas. If you or your family members start experiencing unexplained itching or notice bite marks on your skin, it’s crucial to investigate the possibility of a flea infestation in your home.

What Are the Steps in Acting Against Fleas?

Now That you possibly found the fleas, you might be thinking my dog has fleas now what should I do? Here are some important steps to follow when realizing you have a flea infestation.

Treating Pets

Taking your dog or cat to a veterinarian is crucial for the first step in flea control. Veterinarians often prescribe pets with medication that will fight against current flea infestations and prevent future ones. They may even suggest a flea collar that will help your pet when going outside to prevent fleas from feeding on them.

Calling Professionals

Controlling and maintaining a flea-free environment can be nearly impossible without the help of professionals. Greenhouse Termite and Pest Control ensures everyone’s home is free from fleas with our flea flush. Once you call Greenhouse, we will send a technician out for a free inspection to look for signs of a flea infestation and create a tailored solution.

Setting Up a Flea Flush Appointment

Our flea flush is a two-treatment process, so we ensure that adult fleas and flea eggs are eradicated from your home. The technicians at Greenhouse have a high success rate with our flea flush due to their extreme attention to detail. With the service, we include a 30-day warranty; if your flea issue is not resolved, we will come back until there is not a flea egg left in your home.

How To Prepare for Your Flea Flush Appointment

Before your appointment for a flea flush, we kindly ask that you vacuum all carpets, rugs, and furniture in your home to remove all adult fleas, eggs, and larvae laying out in plain sight. It’s recommended to do a thorough vacuuming of areas where your pet has high activity in your home. Once finished vacuuming, empty the vacuum bag outside into a trash can with a lid on it. 

We recommend throwing away all pet bedding if the infestation is large and giving your pet a flea bath the night before our professional technician comes out. We also ask that your home be mopped and vacuumed the night before we arrive.

What To Do the Day of Your Flea Flush

Our technicians will arrive on the day of your flea flush; we require everybody, including pets, to be out of the home during the treatment and after for 2 hours. The products for flea flush contain a foul odor that can disturb pests. We will also spray the outside areas where there is high activity of fleas, mostly in shaded spots in your backyard. Two hours after our treatment, you can let everyone, including your pets, back inside your home.

Follow-Up Appointment

The follow-up appointment will happen approximately two weeks after your initial flush service. For this appointment, no animals or children need to be removed, and homes don’t need to be thoroughly cleaned. Our technicians are at your home for a routine check to make sure the fleas are eradicated and your home is flea-free.


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