Do Something Nice for Your Neighbor Day!   

20 May 2024 · 3 min read


At the beginning of April, we moved into our brand-new headquarters, nestled in a delightful neighborhood. This vibrant area is bustling with people walking their furry companions and getting their daily jogs in. All while giving the whole place a cozy and inviting vibe. As we settled into our new surroundings, we were buzzing with excitement to participate in “Do Something Nice for Your Neighbor Day.” Also to get to know our neighbors and truly immerse ourselves in this wonderful community.  

A Refreshing Welcome 

To celebrate “Do Something Nice for Your Neighbor Day” on May 16th, the team at Greenhouse Termite and Pest Control decided to spread some cheer by setting up a vibrant lemonade stand in our neighborhood. We wanted to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for everyone passing by. So, we offered free, delicious lemonade as a simple way to brighten their day. We wanted to show appreciation for our neighbors and spark friendly connections with those who make our community so wonderful. It was amazing to see how our little stand quickly became a hub of activity. We brought in numerous neighbors who gave us a chance to share laughs and stories with everyone who stopped by.  

A child holding a sign saying "happy neighbor day free lemonade -greenhouse" while smiling standing on a sidewalk.

Spreading Positivity  

In addition to setting up our lemonade stand, we decided to spread even more joy in our neighborhood by putting together special goodie bags for our neighbors. Each bag was filled with an assortment of vegetable seeds, including cucumbers, tomatoes, and carrots, accompanied by a heartfelt handwritten note. Partnering up, we eagerly went from house to house, personally delivering these thoughtful gifts and spreading positivity throughout our community. The response was heartwarming, with our neighbors showing genuine enthusiasm and gratitude. Our gesture not only promoted healthy living but also brought everyone closer together, fostering a wonderful sense of unity and togetherness. Witnessing the smiles on our neighbors’ faces and being able to share such a beautiful moment of kindness and connection was truly uplifting. 

A woman holding up a goodie bag that has a vegetable seed walking on the side walk in a white shirt and jeans and in the other hand holding a brown paper bag.

Our Goal 

Our primary goal for this event was to spread some positivity and create a real sense of community among our awesome neighbors at Greenhouse. We’re all about helping each other out and giving back to the fantastic community that we’re lucky enough to be a part of. By getting involved in these activities, we wanted to show just how committed we are to being top-notch neighbors and making our community an even better place to be. We’re already looking forward to next year’s Do Something Nice for Your Neighbor Day! How awesome would it be if even more of you joined in? Whether it’s a quick chat with a neighbor, lending a hand with their shopping, or putting together your own little care packages to share, every tiny act of kindness adds up to something huge. Every small act of kindness can make a big difference.  

We’re Here to Help  

At Greenhouse, we provide exceptional pest control services to everyone, whether you’re our neighbor or not. Our team of pest control experts is dedicated to ensuring that your home and surroundings remain pest-free. Additionally, creating a protective and comfortable environment for you and your family. We understand that pest issues can be a real headache, but fear not! We’ve got tailored solutions to fit your needs, whether it’s preventive measures or targeted treatments.  

To make our services even more accessible, we offer free quotes and a special discount of $100 for new customers. Reach out to us today for reliable, professional, and awesome pest control assistance. Let’s kick those pests to the curb and bring peace of mind back to your home.  

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