Preventing and Removing Ticks

09 May 2024 · 2 min read


Understanding Ticks  

Ticks possess remarkable sensory capabilities that enable them to detect potential hosts from a distance. Their finely tuned senses allow them to detect heat, moisture, and carbon dioxide emitted by mammals. Once they identify a suitable host, ticks waste no time in making their move. They employ their specialized mouthparts to pierce the host’s skin, uniquely adapted for efficient feeding. Knowing how to prevent and remove ticks is essential to keep potential hosts protected.

Who’s at Risk of Being Bitten by a Tick?  

Ticks can pose a risk to anyone who spends time in areas where it’s wooded or grassy. However, certain groups may be at higher risk of being bitten by ticks. Hikers, campers, and hunters who spend periods of time in tick-infested areas are more likely to encounter ticks. Therefore they have a higher risk of being bitten. Also, those who work outdoors, such as landscapers and farmers, are at increased risk. This is due to their prolonged exposure to tick habitats. Children who spend time playing outdoors, as well as pets that roam outside, are also susceptible to tick bites.  

How Do I Kill a Tick I Found on My Dog or Myself?  

Discovering a tick on yourself or your pet can be concerning. To remove the tick, use fine-tipped tweezers to grab the tick’s body as close to the skin’s surface as possible. Pull the tick upward to ensure all parts of the tick are removed. Dispose of the tick by flushing it down the toilet, as crushing or throwing it away does not kill it. After removing the tick, ensure the bitten area is cleaned with rubbing alcohol or warm soap and water. If you suspect the tick has been feeding on you, monitor the area for symptoms such as redness and swelling.

How Do I Prevent and Remove Ticks From My Yard? 

Creating a tick-free environment in your yard is essential for ensuring the safety of your loved ones and pets during outdoor activities. If you’re wondering how to prevent and remove ticks from your yard, consider enlisting the services of reputable pest control companies like Greenhouse. With their expertise in tick control, Greenhouse offers tailored solutions aimed at eradicating ticks and minimizing their presence in your outdoor space.  

At Greenhouse, our approach to tick control begins with a thorough evaluation of your property. Our skilled technicians meticulously inspect your yard to pinpoint areas where ticks are likely to breed, such as clutter, tall grass, and leaf piles. Armed with this knowledge, we devise a personalized tick control strategy that addresses the specific needs of your property.  

Once the assessment phase is complete, we implement targeted treatments to eliminate ticks and prevent future infestations. Our specialized lawn spray treatments not only eradicate ticks but also target other common pests like fleas, fire ants, and roaches, creating a protective shield around your home. By reducing tick populations and controlling other pests, our comprehensive approach ensures a safer outdoor environment for your family and pets to enjoy.  

Choosing to partner with a professional pest control company such as Greenhouse empowers you to take proactive steps toward creating a tick-free yard. With our effective tick control solutions, you can rest assured that your outdoor space remains safe and enjoyable for all. Reach out to Greenhouse today to learn more about how we can help you protect your yard against ticks and other pests.  


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