Pest Control in Apollo Beach

Reliable Pest Control in Apollo Beach

Apollo Beach has the sunshine, the waves, and the sand – what’s not to love? Unfortunately, all that beach living also means dealing with pests. From ants and roaches to spiders, wasps and fleas, pests can quickly become a big problem in and around your home.

That’s where Greenhouse Environmental comes in. We’re a family-owned company servicing pest control in Apollo Beach and the surrounding area. In addition, we specialize in providing environmentally conscious pest control solutions that are equally effective yet less intrusive for your family and pets.

Contact us today to get your free quote so that we can help you create a customized pest control plan that will keep your Apollo Beach home pest-free all year long.

Technicians Who Service Apollo Beach

Johan Technician
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Meet Johan a resident of Palmetto who finds joy in his family life with his spouse and two children, while his fluency in Spanish allows him to connect with a wider range of clients. With exceptional expertise and unwavering commitment, Johan tackles pest issues with precision and care. Whether inside or out, he dedicates himself to solving your pest needs effectively, ensuring your peace of mind.  


Austin is a resident of Riverview who embraces the joy of fatherhood, having recently welcomed a baby boy into his loving home. With a wife and daughter, they are now a family of four. Professionally Austin tackles every pest challenge with unwavering professionalism and expertise, delivering outstanding service that exceeds expectations.  

Apollo Beach

Apollo Beach residents embrace life with the assurance that Greenhouse Environmental is here to maintain the peace of your coastal home. Our pest control service ensures a pest-free environment, allowing you to savor the everyday beauty of Apollo Beach without the intrusion of wasps, fleas, or any unwanted guests.

Exterminating Tiny Intruders – Ants 

Ant Control in Apollo Beach

Dealing with ants in your Apollo Beach home can be a persistent issue, especially with carpenter ants, ghost ants, and sugar ants. Carpenter ants are known for establishing nests within the wooden structures of your home and causing structural damage. While ant traps and killers provide a short-term solution, they often fail to address the root of the problem. For effective and long-lasting ant control in Apollo Beach, residents can turn to Greenhouse Environmental, a trusted and local pest control company. 

Greenhouse specializes in ant control by providing professional services to eliminate ant infestations. We understand the unique challenges of dealing with ants in Apollo Beach homes, especially carpenter ants, and we employ advanced techniques to ensure a thorough and permanent solution. Greenhouse also offers free quotes and free re-servicing for customers who are still dealing with ant infestations. Call Greenhouse Environmental for efficient and effective ant control in Apollo Beach. 

How Do I Get Rid of Spiders in My House? 

Spider Control in Apollo Beach

When dealing with spiders inside your home, it’s essential to first identify the type of spiders you’re dealing with so that a thorough deterrent can be applied. Different spiders have distinct behaviors, and understanding their habits can be crucial for effective removal. Common house spiders often create webs in corners, dark spaces, and near light sources to catch their prey. Identifying these locations can help you target your efforts in getting rid of them and making that environment less habitable. 

While some home remedies may offer temporary relief from spiders, they often fall short in providing a spider-free environment. For comprehensive spider control in Apollo Beach, residents can turn to Greenhouse Environmental, a pest control company specialized in spider removal. At Greenhouse, we are experienced in identifying and exterminating various indoor and outdoor spiders, ensuring a thorough and effective approach is employed for spider control. If you are tired of temporary fixes and want a lasting solution to your spider problem, contact Greenhouse Environmental for professional spider control in Apollo Beach 

Pest infestation in Apollo Beach?

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Palmetto Bugs in Apollo Beach?

Roach Control in Apollo Beach

For the residents of Apollo Beach, the presence of American Roaches, more commonly known as palmetto bugs, can be quite alarming. These large, reddish-brown insects often find their way into homes while seeking refuge from the Florida heat and rain. Additionally, their preference for damp and dark environments, coupled with the local climate, makes them a frequent invader in Apollo Beach homes.

Thankfully, your local pest professionals at Greenhouse Environmental have the knowledge and experience necessary to address American Cockroaches quickly and with minimal disruption to your family. With their expertise, you can say goodbye to icky palmetto bug encounters and enjoy the home you deserve with Greenhouse.

German Cockroaches in Apollo Beach? 

Roach Control in Apollo Beach

German cockroach infestations can be an unfortunate reality for families living in Apollo Beach. In this community, these small, light-tan cockroaches are known for their extremely rapid reproduction and ability to take hold in even the cleanest homes. However, at Greenhouse Environmental, we understand the unique challenges that come with eliminating German cockroach infestations.

In response to this issue, our team is well-versed in the behaviors and habitats of these stubborn pests, and our targeted flush treatments boast a success rate substantially above industry average. With a commitment to home stewardship and thoughtful customer satisfaction, we ensure that your property is free from German cockroaches while delivering the highest quality of service possible.

Don’t let German cockroaches take over your living spaces – contact us today to get rid of your German Cockroach problem for good.

 The Protector Against Termite Infestation  

Termite Control in Apollo Beach

Subterranean termites pose a significant threat to homes, often causing extensive damage before their presence becomes apparent. Unlike other pests, attempting DIY methods for termite control will not combat the problem, as these subterranean pests live underneath the ground. The urgency of professional assistance becomes apparent when signs of termite damage, such as hollow wood or bubbling paint on your wall, emerge. Early detection through termite inspections is crucial, as it allows for termite treatment and can prevent the infestation from spiraling out of control. 

For comprehensive termite control in Apollo Beach, Greenhouse Environmental is your reliable solution. We specialize in termite treatment, using an advanced method called Sentricon, a proven termite baiting system that not only eliminates existing colonies but also prevents future ones from forming. Greenhouse Enivronmental’s termite inspectors are well-equipped to assess the extent of termite infestations in houses and tailor effective termite control strategies. Contact Greenhouse Environmental for expert termite control services for residents in Apollo Beach. 

How To Defeat Fire Ants 

Fire Ant Control in Apollo Beach

Fire ants are invasive pests that have become a major concern in various regions of Florida, including Apollo Beach. These aggressive ants are known for their painful stings, and their colonies can create extensive networks underground. Fire ant mounds, often found in sunny, overgrown grassy areas, appear as holes in the ground that can vary in size. Fire ant colonies consist of worker ants, male ants, and queen ants. The queen ant plays a crucial role in the colony’s reproduction, laying eggs that hatch into new fire ants. This makes fire ant control in Apollo Beach crucial for residents to prevent a larger infestation. 

Greenhouse Environmental is your reputable pest control company that specializes in fire ant control in Apollo Beach and can effectively address infestations. Our experts are trained to identify fire ants and their colonies, tailoring fire ant control methods specifically to your circumstances. Depending on the significance of your infestation, we will use ant baiting for severe cases. If your ant infestation is widespread in your yard, we will use a lawn spray that targets ant colonies and the queen ant. By relying on the services of Greenhouse Environmental, residents in Apollo Beach can take proactive measures to protect their properties from fire ant infestations. 

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