Pest Control in Keystone

Valuable Pest Control in Keystone Florida

Keystone Florida is home to outdoor adventures and stress-relieving activities. It is one of the most popular equestrian areas in Florida, where you can learn to ride, bring your horse to a park to ride, and they care for, breed, and sell horses. Aside from horseback riding, Keystone offers opportunities for hiking, biking, and backpacking along 32 different trails covering 405 miles of beautiful nature. Keystone hosts an annual Bluegrass and Beer Festival, where people come from all over to sample different breweries and indulge in delicious food. Whether you’re a horse lover, outdoor adventurer, or a beer and festival enthusiast, Keystone has an activity for everyone to experience the relaxation and excitement of the town. 

However, living in Keystone with all the nature and horse stables means more bugs and pests, which can be a major concern for residents. Greenhouse takes pride in protecting Keystone homes against pests with environmentally friendly products. Whether your animal has fleas, your home is infested with ants or roaches, or there’s a spider infestation, we can help! We want to make sure you and your loved ones can happily enjoy the activities in Keystone without any unwanted interruptions. If you’re ready to experience this kind of life, give Greenhouse a call today!

Technician Who Services Keystone

Oswald Technician


Introducing Oswald, originally from New York and now living in Holiday, he brings his warmth and positivity to every customer interaction. With a welcoming smile and genuine desire to help, Oswald ensures that every encounter leaves a lasting impression of care and satisfaction.  Oswald is one of the most positive people you will ever meet!


Hey, residents of Keystone, as you unwind on your day off by the shores of Lake Keystone, kick back without worrying about surprise guests invading your home. With Greenhouse environment by your side, your home stays guarded against termites, roaches, and other pests, ensuring you can completely enjoy the peace that Keystone brings to you.

DIY Treatment vs. Professional Treatment

Ant Control in Keystone

When ants are invading your living space it often raises the question about whether to go with a professional pest control service or attempt to do it yourself. Using a DIY method for ant control in Keystone may appear to be a cost-effective approach to get rid of them, but in reality, it could make the issue worse. Selecting the right bait for the ants in your home can be difficult due to the different species and distinct food preferences. Also, finding one ant does not mean there isn’t a full-blown infestation somewhere, and DIY ant methods only address a couple of ants and not the entire colony. 

On the other hand, professional pest control specializes in knowing the different species of ants and addressing the infestation accordingly.  At Greenhouse Environmental our expert technicians begin a comprehensive inspection to identify the species of the ant and the entry point/s. From there, we target and implement an effective and long-lasting treatment to kill any colony in 1-2 visits.

We ensure to protect and prevent future infestations from ever occurring, whereas DIY methods may act like a band-aid, covering the problem only temporarily. Call Greenhouse today for a free quote on ant control services for your Keystone home. 

How Do Spiders Get into My Pool Cage and Why

Spider Control in Keystone

As a homeowner, you might be asking yourself, why and how do spiders get into my pool cage? It can be very puzzling because it seems like there are no entry points for these creepy crawlers to get in. However, Greenhouse has figured out the mysterious question through our effective spider control in Keystone. Every pool cage contains cracks and crevices that are almost impossible to detect and fix. Spiders crawl their way inside to gain shelter and warmth from harsh weather conditions, and pool cages have excellent hiding spots for these 8-legged crawlers.

If your pool cage is filled with spiders and spider webs and is no longer usable, it’s time to call the professionals. Greenhouse Environmenntal has a targeted approach to spider control in Keystone using environmentally friendly methods. Our technicians do a full sweep of the pool cage, including the top, sides, and corners. Choosing Greenhouse for spider control in your Keystone home ensures a spider-free pool cage or lanai, enabling you and your family to use it without the uncomfortable presence of spiders.

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What Attracts Roaches in My Home?

Roach Control in Keystone

Roaches are resilient insects that could find your living space appealing for several reasons. Many people, when they think of roaches, associate them with bathrooms and kitchens, this is due to the ideal environment in these settings. Roaches prefer damp and standing water areas and will usually make their home there. The kitchen is the other common place to find roaches, this is because of the easy access to food and water supplies. We also play a part in why they are present in the kitchen; whenever we spill food, even if it is just a crumb, roaches will feast on it. Roaches are insects that are not picky eaters and will eat anything like sweets, starches, and meat.

It is best to call Greenhouse for roach control in your Keystone home to avoid a major infestation. We do a thorough inspection of the house to determine where these repulsive insects are hiding. We then use eco-friendly products to kill all existing roaches and prevent future infestations. After the treatment, we might suggest sealing up any cracks and crevices we see around your home, to ensure our roach control in your keystone home will be effective in the long run. Call Greenhouse today to get a free consultation, so that we can help you get a head start on any roach issue.

What is a Swarming Termite?

Termite Control in Keystone

Have you ever seen little wings left behind on your windowsill? You might have been in the presence of swarming termites, also known as alates. These termites are the colony’s reproductive insects. The name Swarmers comes from the fact that they leave their colonies at certain periods of the year to find a mate and start a new colony. If you are seeing wings around your home, this does not guarantee the termite has moved on and will not bother you again. It just means that the reproductive termite has moved somewhere close to establishing a new colony. This is a sign to call professionals to provide you with termite control in your Keystone home. 

At Greenhouse Environmental we suggest that you do thorough checks around your home, to ensure you have no sign of termites. If termites go undetected in your home, the damage might cost you thousands of dollars to repair. Greenhouse provides a method of termite control in your Keystone home that will prevent them; Sentricon. This is a termite treatment and prevention system that releases bait that termites bring back to their colony, where it kills the entire population, including the swarming termites and the queen. This is an effective termite control in Keystone that we have been using to protect homes. Give Greenhouse a call today to learn more about our prevention of termites.

Are Fire Ants a Problem for Children?

Fire Ant Control in Keystone

Effective fire ant control in Keystone is crucial, particularly in warmer months when these small red insects are most active. With rising temperatures from spring to fall, fire ants become more active in looking for food and establishing their colony. During the cooler months, they are less active, and some may even die off. 

At Greenhouse Environmental, our eco-friendly fire ant control methods in Keystone are extremely effective. We use various techniques, such as spraying areas that are prone to fire ants and spraying the yard with our Lawn Spray to hit all colonies and penetrate the soil to avoid further colonies from developing. Our goal is to protect your loved ones including your furry friends from the painful bites associated with fire ants. Contact us today, and let us help you, by providing effective fire ant control in your Keystone home. 

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