Pest Control in Lake Magdalene

Exceptional Pest Control in Lake Magdalene

Lake Magdalene is located on the outskirts of Tampa and is a captivating town known for its famous lake spanning 252 acres. With 11 additional lakes, it claims the title of the most populous lake district in Hillsborough County. Residents of this town participate in recreational activities, from golfing right on a beautiful lake to observing wildlife in swamps. The town also offers beautiful hiking trails through the pine wooded areas and fishing charters for those looking for a thrill. 

As local residents enjoy the beauty of Lake Magdalene, they may encounter common challenges such as rodents, ants, spiders, ticks, fleas, roaches, and fire ants due to the town’s natural environment. Greenhouse Environmental is a dedicated pest control service ready to assist residents of Lake Magdalene. We offer effective solutions tailored to specific pest issues for residents of Lake Magdalene. If you are dealing with pest issues, the Greenhouse team is ready to provide you with solutions; we can start today just give us a call. 

Technicians Who Service Lake Magdalene

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Carlos, who lives in Land O Lakes with his wife and two daughters, brings a vibrant personality and infectious energy to everything he does. Fluent in Spanish, he effortlessly connects with a diverse range of clients, ensuring exceptional service is delivered to every customer.  


Jonathan, a resident of Tampa and an identical twin brings a unique blend of skills and creativity to his role as a technician. With his fluent Spanish and skilled problem-solving abilities, he ensures effective communication and innovative solutions for every customer. Count on Jonathan for unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, delivering top-notch service that exceeds expectations. 

Lake Magdalene

Lake Magdalene residents, you’re nestled in a community gem, but are you truly enjoying it? Greenhouse Environmental, committed to providing trustworthy pest control, ensures your home is safe from spiders, roaches, and more. This way, you can fully enjoy the beauty of local parks, neighborhood events, and the beautiful lakes around you.

How to Control Pavement Ants

Ant Control in Lake Magdalene 

Pavement ants are persistent pests that create mounds in the cracks of your driveway. No matter how much you’ve tried DIY methods, these pests show up time after time. At Greenhouse Environmental, our ant control approach for your Lake Magdalene home consists of a tailored strategy customized to your specific circumstances. Our skilled technicians will conduct a meticulous inspection to identify and eliminate pavement ant colonies for good.  

Depending on the significance of your ant infestation problem, we might use a spray or baiting method. At Greenhouse, we take pride in our eco-friendly and effective services that not only destroy existing infestations but also establish proactive measures to prevent future occurrences. We provide free quotes for customers interested in our ant control methods for your Lake Magdalene home. 

Can Spiders Hurt My Pets?

Spider Control in Lake Magdalene 

Greenhouse Environmental understands the importance of ensuring the safety of residents’ pets in Lake Magdalene. Pets can be extremely vulnerable to spider bites due to the various spider species that live around the natural surroundings of Lake Magdalene. Two of the most common spiders that pose a threat to your pets in this area are the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse. These spiders will bite any animal or person that comes close with their poisonous venom-filled fangs. Being bitten by one of these spiders can cause intense pain for a human and extreme pain for a pet. Some symptoms of a pet being bitten by one of these spiders include muscle pain, cramping, walking sideways, and drooling. In severe cases, symptoms could include vomiting, blood pressure changes, and death. 

At Greenhouse Environmental, we understand the importance of creating a living space that is not only pest-free for the family but also safe for furry friends. Our spider control services in Lake Magdalene utilize targeted methods to eliminate spiders and their nests. We provide residents of Lake Magdalene with the assurance that their furry companions can explore without the threat of spider bites. Call Greenhouse today to get started on taking proactive measures for spider control in your Lake Magdalene home.  

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Can Pest Control Effectively Get Rid of Roaches ?

Roach Control in Lake Magdalene 

Pest control services can effectively get rid of roaches, and Greenhouse Environmental is here to take care of roach control in your Lake Magdalene home. Thankfully, our experienced technicians specialize in comprehensive roach control methods designed to eliminate infestations and prevent them in the future so you can live in your home without any unwanted surprises.  

A powerful technique we employ is the German Roach flush; this is a targeted approach that involves baiting and insecticides to flush out the German Roach population. Our technicians strategically place spray and baits in crucial areas where there are cracks, crevices, or where roaches are most active. 

This method has been effective and efficient time and time again, from cars to homes, providing residents with roach control in Lake Magdalene. Our dedicated team is committed to not only getting rid of the existing roach problem but also taking preventative measures to protect your home from future infestations. Contact us today to reclaim your living space and enjoy your roach-free home. 

How Do You Get Rid of Termites Permanently?

Termite Control in Lake Magdalene 

Are you dealing with a termite infestation and wondering if it’s possible to permanently get rid of them? The answer is yes. Achieving permanent termite control in Lake Magdalene requires a strategic approach. Greenhouse Environmental offers an effective solution with Sentricon, an innovative and award-winning termite control system. The system is placed in the ground around the foundation of your home and releases an appealing bait designed to specifically target termites. When a termite brings the bait back to the colony to share, it leads to the demise of all termites, including the queen termite. 

Greenhouse provides this proactive method of termite control in Lake Magdalene to protect your home from the destruction these pests inflict. With our expert technicians and advanced, green technologies, we not only eliminate existing termite issues but also provide a preventative measure to protect you and your family for the long term. Call Greenhouse Environmental to get a free quote on termite control for your Lake Magdalene home, and let us help you protect your home. 

What Should I Do If There’s Ants in My Backyard?

Fire Ant Control in Lake Magdalene

Living the sunny life in Lake Magdalene is undoubtedly a delight, but it also means dealing with the unwelcome presence of those aggressive red fire ants. These tiny troublemakers are notorious for their painful stings and are not just a nuisance for humans but can pose a threat to our furry friends as well. Home remedies to control these fire ants only cause them to relocate to another area of your yard rather than eliminating them. Fortunately, there’s a solution that goes beyond temporary fixes and welcomes back worry-free sunny days: the fire ant control service for your Lake Magdalene home provided by Greenhouse Environmental. 

No need to hit the panic button when you spot these unwelcome guests; we’ve got you covered. Our specialized fire ant control service is a comprehensive solution aimed at not only targeting visible mounds but also ensuring the entire yard becomes a no-go zone for these invasive ants. Worried about the kids and furry friends? Fear not! Our services will give you back your weekends filled with get-togethers, playtime, and relaxation, free from any painful stings. Imagine a yard where your animal can frolic freely, and you can relax in the warmth of the sun without the constant worry of fire ant stings. Greenhouse Environmental makes that vision a reality. By the end of our fire ant control service, you’ll gain peace of mind, knowing that your outdoor space is both pest-free and safe for your loved ones. 

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