Pest Control in Riverview

Pest Control in Riverview

Drawing upon its combination of rich history and modern wonders, Riverview is quickly becoming one of the most desirable places to live in Florida. With more living space and larger properties than the average home in Tampa, Riverview has become a very popular place to live (we just wish they would do something about the traffic at Big Bend!) The beautiful weather combined with ample opportunities for outdoor activities, Riverview makes a great place to call home. Unfortunately, the same things that make Riverview so appealing to humans also make it attractive to pests.

That’s where Greenhouse Environmental comes in. We specialize in safe, eco-friendly pest control solutions that will keep your home free of pests all year round. Whether you’re dealing with ants, cockroaches, spiders, wasps, termites, fleas or any other type of home pest, we have a solution that will work for you.

Greenhouse is proud to offer our pest control services to the residents of Riverview. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

Technician Who Services Riverview

Austin Techq


Austin is a resident of Riverview who embraces the joy of fatherhood, having recently welcomed a baby boy into his loving home. With a wife and daughter, they are now a family of four. Professionally Austin tackles every pest challenge with unwavering professionalism and expertise, delivering outstanding service that exceeds expectations.  


Riverview neighbors, as one of the most desired places to live, Greenhouse understands the necessity of keeping your home free from unwanted pests. As your local and family-owned pest control service, we assure you that your home will be protected from termites, spiders, and more. Residents, you can now enjoy outdoor activities and your cozy home with being worry free.

How Do I Get Rid of Sugar Ants?

Ant Control in Riverview

Were you preparing dinner and you saw little ants. Or maybe you were eating dinner and a little ant cruise by your plate. Your house has been invaded by sugar ants and you feel like you are losing your mind! Given the many families living in the Riverview area, sugar ants are a very common problem. Never fear because Greenhouse is here and we have managed thousands of sugar ant treatments in Riverview. Greenhouse approaches each pest problem by looking at the source of the infestation and that is the best way to approach sugar ants. We have a very good track record of eliminating sugar ants on the first go around, but if we don’t, we offer free retreats between services. Contact us today and regain control of your counter spaces!  

Say Goodbye to Spiders 

Spider Control in Riverview

Riverview, Florida is an active neighborhood where beautiful plants and delightful landscapes create a picture-perfect feeling. Among this paradise, presents an unwanted challenge – spiders invading your living spaces. These eight-legged intruders often find their way indoors through air vents, cracks, or any opening such as windows or doors. They will often be found around your house outside in places that are damp and dark, near other insects that they can feed on. As your devoted and reliable pest control service, we are happy to help you through the complexities of spider control in Riverview.

Our experts carefully inspect your property and create customized treatment programs to deal with the particular problems that spiders present. After treatment we conduct thorough property checks, leaving no corner unexamined to guarantee the removal of any lingering spider webs.

Greenhouse’s professionals take spider control in Riverview very seriously, working diligently to exterminate spiders from your property and ensuring your family’s happiness while addressing any concerns you may have. Give Greenhouse a call today to get your spider issues under control in your home in Riverview.

Pest issue in Riverview?

We’re here to solve it!

Top 3 Roaches to Look Out For 

Roach Control in Riverview

When it comes to roach control in Riverview, here are the top 3 most popular roaches found in Riverview homes. Each roach species is different and requires a unique treatment, so recognizing the difference between roaches is very important to ensure the proper treatment. Are you now wondering how to tell the difference between them?

American Roach: Commonly referred to as a Palmetto bug, this roach stands out as the most popular roach species in Florida. This roach is reddish-brown in color and prefers dark and moist areas. They might be coming out of pipes, drains, and they love mulch beds of your Riverview home.

German Roach: These little, less than an inch long roaches have tan to brown coloring. German roaches thrive in warm, muggy areas that are close to food and water. They are commonly seen in bathrooms or kitchens, and they often enter homes when people bring in groceries or boxes. Since they are known to reproduce quickly, it can be difficult to identify them and abolish these roaches.

Smokeybrown Roach: Being slightly smaller than the American Roach and having brown coloring, these roaches are usually found outdoors. They hide in planters, wood stacks, or trees, but sometimes break into houses to avoid bad weather. You may find these roaches in your garage, attic, trash, or cabinets because they like warm and humid environments.

Although many people may not be able to distinguish between the different species of roaches, our Greenhouse experts have received specialized training that allows them to do just that. In order to guarantee efficient roach control in Riverview, we design a personalized plan that is unique to your house’s requirements. Contact us today for our professional roach control in Riverview and take back control of your home!


Why Should I invest in Termite Control and Prevention 

Termite Control in Riverview

Termites are a significant threat to homes in Florida, particular in areas like Riverview, where many homes are constructed with wood. They may seem peaceful, but they can pose a significant threat. It’s crucial to prioritize termite control in Riverview to protect your property.

You might believe that termite control isn’t relevant to you if you haven’t observed termites directly. However, these insects meticulously build their colonies from the ground up. Starting from deep within the ground, they reproduce and gradually progress upwards, potentially reaching the wooden foundation of your home. Once termites establish contact with your home, they can rapidly reproduce and extend their infestation to various parts of your home. This damage may result in substantial financial costs for you and your family.

To avoid that risk, it is important to schedule a consult with one of our Greenhouse termite experts. Our specialist will assess your property, and apply preventive measures to avoid a termite infestation in your Riverview home. If you’ve already spotted termites, our team is equipped to assist you with termite control in your Riverview home.

The Ultimate Guide to Effective Fire Ant Control 

Ant Control in Riverview 

Everybody finds it challenging to enjoy outdoor activities when their yards are plagued by a growing fire ant infestation, forcing families to remain indoors instead of playing outside or tending to their gardens. At Greenhouse Environmental, we take the dangerous problem of fire ant control in Riverview very seriously. You can reclaim your outdoor space again follow these steps so Greenhouse can help you today.

1: To address your fire ant problem, reach out to Greenhouse, and we’ll schedule an initial appointment at your convenience with one of our skilled technicians.

 2: Our technician will come to your home in Riverview and listen to your concerns and issues you are facing with fire ants as well as any other pest.

3: Utilizing the information gathered and observations of your property, a customized plan of action will be devised to meet your specific needs.

 4: Our technicians will treat for fire ants as well as other pests and double check your property to make sure there are no areas that are skipped.

 5: If you sign up for our fire ant lawn service, you are under our guarantee. If pests return before our next visit, we come back for free.

We want to assist you and your family in fire ant control in Riverview, ensuring that everybody can enjoy the pleasant outdoor atmosphere without any disruptions.

Do You Have Milipedes, This Is What You Should Do

Milipedes Control in Riverview

While millipedes are not harmful to humans, pets or your Riverview home, they can wreak havoc on your nervous system as they can multiply quickly in the right environment and before you know it they are everywhere!

Unfortunately, millipedes can enter homes from the outside in large numbers. Treating a millipede infestation in your Riverview home requires a review of current conditions and heavy treatment. Greenhouse has experience treating millipedes at many Riverview homes and most importantly, we can help with prevention to avoid an infestation. Call us today for your free quote for millipede treatment and prevention.

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