Pest Control in Ruskin

Pest Control in Ruskin

With the beautiful oak trees covered in moss and the little hideaway waterfront restaurants, Ruskin is Southwest Florida’s best kept secret (although the secret might be getting out given the active property development happening locally). As a homeowner in Ruskin, you want what’s best for your family – and that means finding a pest control company that shares your values. Greenhouse Environmental is committed to providing safer homes for families like yours, which is why we use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices that focus on long-term prevention of pests through the factors that cause their appearance rather than simply treating them when they appear.

IPM involves using a variety of techniques to discourage pests from taking up residence in your home, including exclusion (sealing off entry points), sanitation (removing food sources), and population monitoring (using traps or bait stations). Our approach is results-oriented and sustainable, so you can be sure that your family is protected without harming the environment.

If you’re looking for a Ruskin pest control company that puts your family’s safety first, contact Greenhouse Environmental today. Simply put, our family would love the opportunity to serve your Ruskin family. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about our services and help you find the best solution for your needs.

Technician Who Services Ruskin

Johan Technician


Meet Johan a resident of Palmetto who finds joy in his family life with his spouse and two children, while his fluency in Spanish allows him to connect with a wider range of clients. With exceptional expertise and unwavering commitment, Johan tackles pest issues with precision and care. Whether inside or out, he dedicates himself to solving your pest needs effectively, ensuring your peace of mind. 


Ruskin Residents, we know how cherishable your town is, from the huge oak trees to the beautiful waterfront restaurants. Greenhouse Environmental wants to help you keep your town clean and pristine by providing an exceptional pest control service that will keep your home and backyard free from fire ants, termites, and many more pests. Let’s team up and keep this historic town cherished for a lot longer.

Spiders in My Ruskin Home? Call Greenhouse

Spider Control in Ruskin 

With all those beautiful oak trees covered in Spanish moss paired the tropical climate is a perfect breeding ground for spiders in Ruskin. There are many types of spiders that are common to Florida, including Brown Recluse spiders, Cellar spiders, Crevice spiders, Huntsman spiders, Daddy Long Leg spiders and Wolf spiders, to name a few.

No matter the type of spider you see around your home, they are always scary to see and make you jump a few feet back. Luckily your friends at Greenhouse have the tools, products and training to get rid of spiders in your home. The added bonus is that we use products that are less harmful to the environment. We will come and review your property for the best treatment plan customized to your home and the lovely geography in Ruskin.

I have Ants in My Home, What Should I Do?

Ant Control in Ruskin

Have you noticed those tiny invaders making their way into your Ruskin home? Ants can quickly become unwelcomed guests due to their teamwork. Don’t let them ruin your peace of mind and regain your space, here is a quick guide on ant control in Ruskin.

Ants are known for entering homes in search of water and food, so handling ant control in Ruskin tends to be burdensome. To stop ants from easily accessing your home, follow these steps:

  • Start by sealing cracks and crevices in doors, windows, and walls.
  • Keep your pantry items in containers to stop these little crawlers from sneaking into your sugar or bread.
  • Clean up any spills or crumbs that are dropped on the ground will help ant control in your Ruskin home.

However, if you’re dealing with a continuing ant problem, Greenhouse Environmental is your best bet for ant control in Ruskin. Greenhouse can assess the situation and create a unique solution to eliminate the ant infestation.

Don’t let these tiny pests take over your home. You can have a pest-free living area with a few preventive measures and the help of our experts over at Greenhouse. Give us a call and we will provide ant control services in your Ruskin home.

Pest issue in Ruskin?

We’re here to solve it!

How Our Pest Control Company Gets the Roaches Gone

Roach Control in Ruskin

Living in Ruskin and dealing with roach infestations can be a challenging and can often make people feel sick to their stomach. These tough pests thrive in warm climates, making Ruskin, Florida an ideal environment for them. Greenhouse Environmental understands the unique challenges of roach control in Ruskin and over time has developed a strong approach to get rid of these unwanted visitors.

Our process for roach control in Ruskin begins with a thorough inspection of your home to identify roach hiding spots and entry points. After than we discuss any questions or concerns you may have and create a customized treatment plan.

Since your family’s and pets’ safety is our top priority, our technicians are equipped with the latest knowledge, and cutting-edge technology for roach control in Ruskin.  We are dedicated to our customers’ satisfaction, so we schedule follows up to make sure the roach control is handled. If the problem proceeds, we won’t give up until the roaches are gone!

Call Greenhouse to take care of the roach problem effectively and efficiently rather than endanger the health of your family and pets. We promise that you will win back your space with our roach control in Ruskin.

Why Is Termite Control Still Relevant?

Termite Control in Ruskin

Termite control in Ruskin is an essential part of pest management in this beautiful town, which is surrounded by breathtaking Florida scenery. It is an ongoing necessity because these small but powerful insects continue to pose a serious threat to homes and businesses.

With their tremendous strength, termites can destroy buildings in less than a year, Florida has the highest risk of termite damage in the country. It is safe to say termites are undoubtedly still relevant today.

Picture the sun beaming down on the different buildings that carry the town’s rich history in Ruskin. However, beneath these beautiful buildings are the silent invaders (termites).  These relentless insects, which cause a great deal of damage, love Ruskin’s humid climate. They are also particular drawn to this area due to the large vegetation and wooden sources around Ruskin.

Termite control in Ruskin is vital to guarantee that the beauty of the town will live on. Unfortunately, termite infestations in homes are not going away any time soon in Ruskin Florida. To prevent an infestation in your home give Greenhouse a call today. We will guarantee that your family and home will be safe and sound.

What Attracts Fire Ants to My Backyard?

Fire Ant Control in Ruskin

Welcome to Ruskin, where the sun shines bright and the warm breeze creates the ideal climate for a backyard gathering. What are those tiny red insects that are invading your backyard, you might be wondering before your gathering? Those persistent insects are actually fire ants, seeking a warm place to call home. You might be wondering what makes my backyard more appealing to them, and how can I take charge of fire ant control in my Ruskin backyard?

Unfortunately for Ruskin residents, backyards are the perfect places for fire ants to establish their colonies due to unique environmental conditions. The best home for fire ants is created when sunlight and warmth from the sun combines with loosening soil to allow water to drain instead of flood.

Another reason for a fire ant infestation in your backyard is landscaping – fire ants can enter your yard through deliveries of landscaping supplies and create a colony.  Also, landscaping materials such as rock and mulch add a protective layer for fire ants.

Although fire ants in your backyard can easily get out of hand, we at Greenhouse are specialists in fire ant control in Ruskin.  To help you manage the fire ant infestation and take back your backyard gathering, we offer a variety of treatment plans, including our highly effective lawn spray. Give us a call today and we will guarantee you will be back to those outdoor gatherings in no time!

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