Pest Control in Temple Terrace

Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Solution in Temple Terrace

Temple Terrace residents, amongst the beautiful and diverse activities this vibrant community has to offer, we understand the importance of maintaining home conditions. Greenhouse Environmental, we recognize the significance of having a pest-free haven, allowing you to fully embrace the joys of living in Temple Terrace. Whether you’re exploring the trails of Flatwoods Park, teeing off at Temple Terrace Golf and Country Club, or savoring delicious meals at local restaurants, our mission is to ensure that your home remains free from unwanted pests.  

 Our dedicated team at Greenhouse is committed to addressing the pest control needs of Temple Terrace residents. From thorough inspections to tailored solutions, we prioritize the protection of your home and loved ones. Enjoy the rich cultural experiences and outdoor activities Temple Terrace has to offer while having confidence that your local pest control service, Greenhouse Environmental, is here to provide reliable and effective solutions.

Technicians Who Service Temple Terrace

Collin Tech
Moe Technician


Collin, a resident of Welsey Chapel, has a profound love for scary movies. As a dedicated technician, he serves the vibrant community with a deep understanding of local needs and a commitment to providing excellence in his service. Collin’s passion for work shines through, ensuring each customer receives top-notch care and solutions tailored to their specific situations.   


Alfredo, also known as Moe, is not only an outstanding technician with years of experience but also the dedicated Service Manager of the Tampa branch’s technician team. Balancing his professional responsibilities with his role as a loving father of four, Alfredo recently welcomed the joy of becoming a grandparent. His expertise, leadership, and commitment to excellence ensure that each service exceeds your expectations.  Moe has been with Greenhouse since the very beginning as one of our first Service Technicians.

Temple Terrace

Temple Terrace residents, next to your favorite golf course, Temple Terrace Golf and Country Club, and the best garden, Botanical Gardens, Greenhouse Environmental is your local ally in pest control. Let us help you protect your home from termites, roaches, and other pests, while you take your family to see the magical and beautiful Botanical gardens.

I Have Ants in My Bathroom  

Ant Control in Temple Terrace 

Bathroom ants are often identified as tiny black or brown insects and can be very persistent. These pests are commonly drawn to damp areas and can be found near sinks, showers, or drains. Their presence can be frustrating as they seek moisture and will often form trails along bathroom sinks, toilets, and shower walls. However, correctly identifying them is crucial in formulating an effective pest control strategy for residents of Temple Terrace.  

To get rid of bathroom ants, calling professional help is critical and Greenhouse Environmental is an expert when it comes to ant control in Temple Terrace. For example, our technicians identify entry points and target these areas to prevent future access and infestations. Our team at Greenhouse offers free quotes to residents in Temple Terrace dealing with bathroom ant control issues. Begin to eliminating these pests by calling us today!  

Why Are There So Many Spiders in Florida?   

Spider Control in Temple Terrace 

Spider issues in your Temple Terrace home can be a common concern, especially during spider season when these creepy crawlers become more active. In fact, some common spiders found in Florida include the black widow, the brown recluse, and the wolf spider. Consequently, Florida’s humid climate provides an ideal environment for these spiders to thrive as they are drawn to moisture. If you’re searching for ‘spider removal near me’ or exploring pest control for spiders, Greenhouse Environmental is here to assist.  

Our experts at Greenhouse environmental, specialize in spider removal and pest control, providing a tailored solution to keep your home spider-free. As a local service, we create a less hospitable environment for spiders in and around your home. Get in touch with Greenhouse today to receive a free quote on spider prevention and infestation.  

Temple Terrace Residents Homes and Communities Are Pest-Free!

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When I See One Roach Does That Mean There’s More?  

Roach Control in Temple Terrace  

When discovering a single cockroach in your Temple Terrace house, it can be unsettling and spark concerns about a potential infestation. Florida is known for its warm and humid climate, creating the best possible conditions for roaches to thrive. While it might seem unusual to have just one cockroach, others may be hiding nearby, as roaches are social insects, meaning where there’s one, there might be more.  

As a result, Greenhouse Environmental recommends residents consider professional help to address roach control in Temple Terrace. Our experts specialize in roach inspection and extermination, efficiently tackling roach problems to ensure a roach-free and healthy living environment. Don’t hesitate to call Greenhouse Environmental for comprehensive pest control in Temple Terrace.  

How is Sentricon Used for Termites?  

Termite Control in Temple Terrace 

Termite protection is crucial for homeowners in Temple Terrace due to the warm and humid climate that Florida offers. As a result, various termite types, such as subterranean termites, threaten structures. However, to protect your property, it’s essential to understand the different methods of termite control in Temple Terrace and what is effective. For example, sprays are not as effective as the baiting method known as Sentricon. If you are looking for an effective and reliable termite and pest control service, consider Greenhouse Environmental, your local pest control company.  

 Greenhouse Environmental employs the most effective termite control for Temple Terrace residents. We use Sentricon, an efficient and accurate device that not only eliminates active termites but also targets the queen. Termites can cause significant structural damage, making proactive measures vital for homeowners. Get in touch with Greenhouse today, and we will create a customized approach to address and prevent termite infestations in your Florida home.  

What Are the Effective Methods to Get Rid of Fire Ants?  

Fire Ant Control in Temple Terrace 

Greenhouse Environmental is a reputable pest control company that employs innovative and environmentally conscious methods to tackle fire ant control in Temple Terrace. Furthermore, we utilize various effective methods, including our eco-friendly lawn spray and baiting technique. Our lawn spray is a pet-friendly solution targeting fire ants and eliminating the queen, focusing on active areas like mounds and loose soil. Our experts possess the knowledge and skills to eradicate fire ants thoroughly.  

 Similarly, another method we employ is ant baiting, providing an appetizing yet poisonous bait for fire ants. The ants collect the bait, bring it to their colony, and share it, leading to the eventual demise of the entire colony, including the queen. At Greenhouse, we are dedicated to offering tailored solutions for fire ant control in your Temple Terrace backyard and committed to providing sustainable pest control services. Additionally, we provide free quotes to customers aiming to reclaim their backyard from fire ants and enjoy their space once again. Call Greenhouse today, and we will create a custom plan to protect your home from fire ants. 

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