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Thonotosassa is a small city rich in history and natural beauty. It offers a peaceful and quaint atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of larger cities. However, the inevitable presence of pests can disturb the peace of mind of Thonotosassa residents. If you’re dealing with unwanted visitors like termites, ants, bugs, or roaches, you’ve come to the right place. Greenhouse Environmental pest control in Thonotosassa is here to help you control your home and ensure a pest free environment.

Technician Who Services Thonotosassa

Collin Tech


Collin, a resident of Welsey Chapel, has a profound love for scary movies. As a dedicated technician, he serves the vibrant community with a deep understanding of local needs and a commitment to providing excellence in his service. Collin’s passion for work shines through, ensuring each customer receives top-notch care and solutions tailored to their specific situations.  


Thonotosassa residents, immersed in the unique charm and peacefulness of your town, Greenhouse Environmental is your local pest control ally. Enjoy the scenic beauty of Lake Thonotosassa, explore local nature trials, and participate in community events, let us protect your home from termites, roaches, and pests. Count on us to ensure you can fully enjoy your peaceful sanctuary and natural wonders of Thonotosassa without any unwanted guests.

Why Should You Hire Us for Ant Control in Thonotosassa?

Ant Control in Thonotosassa

Greenhouse pest control is essential for protecting your family and home from ants in Thonostosassa, FL. Hiring Greenhouse pest control experts offers numerous benefits that can help you minimize ants, including:

  • Expert knowledge and experience: Greenhouse Pest Control has specialized knowledge and experience in dealing with ant infestations since 1934. We understand the behavior and preferences of various ant species, enabling us to effectively identify and address ant problems at your home.
  • Customized ant control service plan: Our experts will assess the specific needs and requirements of your home and develop a customized ant treatment plan. This will ensure that the most effective and least harmful methods are used to control pests, reducing the potential damage to the environment in your home.
  • Regular monitoring and prevention: We stand behind our work, but we do have a treatment warranty against pests returning. We’ll return at no cost to resolve any active infestations or acute issues from covered pests that might pop up.
  • Peace of mind: Hiring Greenhouse pest control in Thonotosassa will provide you with peace of mind, knowing that our professionals are handling the infestation. We offer you the experience of saving time, effort, and frustration by solving the problem effectively for you.

Our promise is to make every effort to earn your trust and keep your home pest-free. We pride ourselves on our dedication to customer service. Call us today to be part of our family!

Dealing with Roaches During Rainy Season – Tips From the Pros

Roach Control in Thonotosassa

Dealing with roaches during rainy or cold weather can present unique challenges in Thonotosassa, a region known for its warm and humid climate. While the weather remains mild in comparison to other regions, there are still periods of heavy rainfall and occasional cold fronts, which can have an impact on roach behavior.

Roaches may seek shelter indoors during the rainy season to avoid the wet and flooded outdoor areas given they thrive in warm, moist, and humid environments. They can enter homes through cracks, crevices, and utility openings in search of a comfortable and dry place in which to nest and reproduce.

Even though temperatures in the winter are generally above freezing, cold fronts can cause temperatures to drop. Roaches will find their way to your home in Thonotosassa for warmth and a steady food supply. Given this fact during the winter, roaches will be attracted to basements, garages, and areas near heating sources, including under your water heater and stove. Unfortunately, your house will be the best place for cockroaches to be in the winter as well as the summer.

Greenhouse Environmental Pest Control in Thonotosassa will be available all year long for you to make sure your home is ready for the winter and summer seasons so you can say goodbye to cockroaches.

Contact us today to get a free quote.

How to Get Rid of Cobwebs from Your Berry Plants

Spider Control in Thonotosassa

Strawberry picking is a popular activity in Thonotosassa, attracting both locals and visitors who come to enjoy the sweet, sun-ripened fruit. However, as the berries thrive, so do the spiders, resulting in intricate webs that frequently surprise and challenge eager pickers navigating the fields.

Here are some tips for effectively removing spider webs from strawberries.

  1. Wear gloves before handling strawberries to protect your hands from any potential spider bites.
  2. Inspect the strawberries by examining the berries and looking for thin, translucent strands or spots that look like fuzzy cobwebs.
  3. To remove cobwebs, you have to use a soft brush or toothbrush to gently brush away the spider webs from strawberries.
  4. After removing the webs, collect the strawberries and rinse thoroughly with cool water. Make sure all residual webbing is washed away.
  5. If you find any berries that are infested or damaged, it’s best to discard them to prevent potential negative effects on your health.
  6. The best way to manage spider control and webs at your home is by hiring a pest control professional to treat your yard against spiders so you can enjoy your strawberries.

Unsure or concerned about spiders in your area? It’s always best to consult with Greenhouse Environmental Pest Control in Thonotosassa, Florida, who can provide expert advice and assistance. Our technicians will help to ensure that all potential spider eggs or debris are eliminated from your yard for good.

Protecting Your Thonotosassa Home from Subterranean Termite Infestations

Termite Control in Thonotosassa

Subterranean termites, belonging to the Rhinotermitidae family, are highly destructive insects known for their ability to live in underground colonies. These termites are common in many areas, including Thonotosassa, FL. Subterranean termites live beneath the surface, posing a silent but destructive threat to homes and structures.

Subterranean termites are well-known for their ability to infiltrate structures unseen, gaining access through soil and wood-to-soil contact. They build intricate tunnel systems that remain hidden, allowing them to damage the structural integrity of homes without being discovered. Residents of Thonotosassa must be cautious because these termites frequently attack wooden components of homes, such as beams, joists, and support structures.

In order to combat subterranean termite infestations, prevention is essential. Maintaining proper ventilation, minimizing wood-to-soil contact, and scheduling termite inspections are all protective measures. Early detection is critical for prompt intervention and the reduction of potential damage.

Understanding the habitats of subterranean termites is the first line of defense for Thonotosassa residents. Thankfully, Greenhouse Environmental Pest Control in Thonotosassa will provide you with the right subterranean termite treatment tailored to your home and its surroundings. We care about your home as much as you do, and we are here to provide the service that you need for subterranean termites.

What Do I Do if I Step on a Fire Ant?

Fire Ant in Thonotosassa

If you are a resident of Thonotosassa, you may encounter a fire ant nest in your backyard. It is important to take action to protect yourself and prevent the infestation from spreading. Immediate first steps include:

  • Stay calm and avoid panicking because rapid movements and loud noises can agitate the ants and increase your chances of getting stung.
  • Take slow steps backward while keeping your gaze fixed on the nest. Try to resist the temptation of kicking the nest, as this can provoke the ants to be more aggressive and move everywhere in your backyard.
  • Locate a safe area. Move away from the vicinity of the nest and find a safe area away from fire ant activity. This could be indoors or in a location free from fire ant nests.
  • Move away and locate a safe area to brush off any ants from your body to prevent them from biting or stinging you.
  • Check for any stings or bites and inspect the affected area immediately. Wash any areas with stings with soap and water to reduce the risk of infection. In any swollen area, apply a cold compress to reduce the swelling.
  • Fire ants can cause allergies from the stings,, such as difficulty breathing, hives, dizziness, and swelling of the face. If you experience any of the following symptoms, seek immediate medical attention.

Greenhouse Environmental pest control is here for you to avoid the chaos of fire ants. The best cure for fire ants is prevention and we recommend fire ant service for your entire yard. With Greenhouse’s lawn spray, we will keep your home and yard fire ant-free with a full warranty.

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