Pest Control in Valrico 

Trusted and Local Pest Control for Valrico Residents  

Welcome home, Valrico residents, to your community that includes a unique charm that makes every day different. As proud Valrico locals, we know that your town is more than just a place, it’s a cozy and protected home. Additionally, we know in your free time you like to sip on craft brews with friends and family at Bullfrog Creek Brewing or enjoy a relaxing day golfing at Buckhorn Spring Golf and Country Club, without the unwanted worries of your home being infested with pests.   

For our fellow neighbors concerned about pests, Greenhouse Environmental has got you covered from fleas, fire ants, roaches, termites, and spiders, to silverfish and pantry pests. In addition, Greenhouse will ensure your home stays pest-free so you can fully enjoy the lifestyle of living in Valrico.   

Technician Who Services Valrico

Moe Technician


Alfredo, also known as Moe, is not only an outstanding technician with years of experience but also the dedicated Service Manager of the Tampa branch’s technician team. Balancing his professional responsibilities with his role as a loving father of four, Alfredo recently welcomed the joy of becoming a grandparent. His expertise, leadership, and commitment to excellence ensure that each service exceeds your expectations.  Moe has been with Greenhouse since the very beginning as one of our first Service Technicians. 


Residents of Valrico, we understand the beauty and charm of your community and the enjoyment of local parks. Greenhouse Environmental wants to ensure no extra time is being taken away from park trips to tackle DIY projects to kill roaches. Greenhouse is your local pest control ally who specializes in termites, roaches, and other pests and will protect Valrico residents.

The Different Ant Species Florida Offers   

Ant Control in Valrico  

There are many kinds of ant species in Florida, each with their unique characteristics and habits, which can make ant control in Valrico a challenge. In addition, some common types of ants found in Valrico include carpenter ants, known for digging through wood, and sugar ants, which have a sweet tooth and can be found invading kitchens. Additionally, Valrico encounters ghost ants, named for their nearly translucent bodies, and big-headed ants, known for their distinct appearance with a big head and small body. The warm and humid climate provides an ideal habitat for these various species, making ant control in Valrico a crucial decision for residents.   

However, residents can rest easy knowing that Greenhouse Environmental, a local and family-owned pest control service, specializes in ant control in Valrico. Whether it’s carpenter ants causing structural concerns or sugar ants taking over your kitchen, Greenhouse has the expertise to protect homes from these pesky invaders. If you’re a Valrico resident and are looking to enjoy a pest-free environment, call Greenhouse to get a free quote.   

My House is Surrounded by Spiders, What Do I Do? 

Spider Control in Valrico

Outdoor spiders can become a common concern for residents in Valrico, where there is a warm climates and beautiful landscapes. However, Greenhouse Environmental, a dedicated pest control service in Valrico, specializes in effective spider control to ensure that outdoor spaces remain spider-free and enjoyable again. Greenhouse address outdoor spider concerns through targeted treatments, including spider wiping on pool cages and around home exteriors.    

Futhermore, Greenhouse Environmental focuses on creating an inhospitable environment for spiders to address outdoor spider concerns in Valrico. Before using spider-wiping techniques on pool cages, we ensure that areas where spiders might be comfortable are effectively treated. In addition, the exterior of homes is carefully treated to create a barrier that discourages spiders from setting up their home. With a commitment to environmentally friendly solutions, Greenhouse Environmental provides Valrico homeowners with a spider-free sanctuary. If you want to get started on reclaiming your outdoor space, call Greenhouse today.   


Valrico Residents Are Finally Recliaming Their Space From Unwanted Visitors

Thanks to Greenhouse!

I Have Roaches in My Florida Home, What Should I Do? 

Roach Control in Valrico

Florida experiences a significant cockroach season, especially during the warmer months when these resilient pests thrive in the humid climate. In addition, residents often find themselves dealing with unwelcome visitors in their homes as roaches seek shelter from the extremely hot summers. However, to address this issue, many turn to pest control services, and one trusted and local provider is Greenhouse Environmental.   

Greenhouse offers a comprehensive pest control service tailored specifically for roach infestation. Additionally our cockroach control service in Valrico is meant to disrupt roaches’ reproductive cycles and aims to provide a long-lasting solution. Furthermore, our strategy involves spraying targeted areas to eliminate the existing roach population and a baiting technique designed to kill all roaches including the queen herself. Greenhouse ensures that residents can enjoy a roach-free environment. Dealing with a roach infestation can be tricky and frustrating. Don’t let it give you a headache, instead call Greenhouse Environmental to help you reclaim your space.   


Is There an In-ground Method for Termites   

Termite Control in Valrico 

Termite control in Valrico is a crucial aspect of maintaining the structural safety of homes, especially because of the warm and humid climate which creates an ideal environment for termites. However, Greenhouse Environmental takes a proactive approach to termite control in Valrico, using advanced methods such as Sentricon to protect homes from termite infestations. Sentricon involves meticulously placing bait stations around your home, which contain highly effective bait that is appealing to termites but deadly for the colony.    

Futhermore, Sentricon works by intercepting termites before they reach the structure of your home and disrupting termites’ feeding and reproductive cycles. Sentricon refills are a key component of this system to ensure ongoing protection against termite infestations. However, Greenhouse is committed to comprehensive termite control in Valrico which includes in-ground treatments that targets termites at the source. Taking a proactive approach to termites and choosing your local and trusted ally, Greenhouse Environmental is the smart choice. Stay proactive by calling us today.   

How Do I Get Fire Ants Out of My Yard?   

Fire Ant Control in Valrico 

Fire ant control is a huge concern for residents in Valrico, due to their aggressive behavior and stinging habits that can harm children and pets.  Greenhouse Environmental, a trusted pest control service in Valrico, employs a comprehensive approach to get rid of fire ants. We use a tailored approach based on each customer’s circumstance.   

One of the techniques we use is a lawn spray that is carefully formulated to destroy all fire ants on the surface and those in the colony hiding.  The other system we use is a baiting method that plays a crucial role in fire ant control in Valrico. Our expert technicians place bait around your yard in areas where fire ants are most active, and from there the fire ants take it back to the colony to destroy all fire ants including the queen ant. Greenhouse Environmental is committed to providing effective fire ant control in Valrico and a pest-free environment for you and your loved ones. Call us today to get started on taking back your backyard.   

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