Pest Control in Westchase

Pest Control in Westchase

Westchase is a gorgeous neighborhood with a fantastic family environment – and Greenhouse Environmental is proud to serve it! Our safe, effective pest control solutions are perfect for families with young children and pets. Whether you’re dealing with ants, spiders, roaches, termites or any other common pests, we’ll help you get rid of them quickly and efficiently. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service, and we’re always available to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call today, and let us show you why we’re the best choice for pest control in Westchase!

Technicians Who Service Westchase

Jonathan Technician
Oswald Technician


 Jonathan, a resident of Tampa and an identical twin brings a unique blend of skills and creativity to his role as a technician. With his fluent Spanish and skilled problem-solving abilities, he ensures effective communication and innovative solutions for every customer. Count on Jonathan for unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, delivering top-notch service that exceeds expectations.   


Introducing Oswald, originally from New York and now living in Holiday, he brings his warmth and positivity to every customer interaction. With a welcoming smile and genuine desire to help, Oswald ensures that every encounter leaves a lasting impression of care and satisfaction.  Oswald is one of the most positive people you will ever meet! 


Westchase neighbors, behind the scenic beauty of your community and the excitement of activities such as exploring the Westchase Commons, attending vibrant events at West Park Village, and enjoying your unique dining places, Greenhouse Environmental is your dedicated pest control partner. You can depend on us to defend your home from termites, roaches and other pests, so you can embrace the distinctive lifestyle and activities your wonderful town offers.

Is There a Specific Time of The Year Ants Come Out?

Ant Control in Westchase

Since various ant species come out at different times of the year, the fight against ant control in Westchase takes on a meteorological twist. Although warmer temperatures tend to bring out more ants, locals might be shocked to learned that these 6-legged intruders are still trying to enter homes in the winter.

As temperatures drop, ants engage in overwintering, mostly underground in their colony. While others enter your house in search of a cozy shelter from the cold. Even in the winter, Westchase homeowners can’t count on having an ant-free home.

On the other hand, other species of ants are noticeably active in the spring and summer seasons. Around this time ants are looking for food and establishing new colonies.

Whatever time of the year it is, you can always count on Greenhouse for ant control in Westchase. Our experts can assess the different species of ants and take action to destroy colonies and prevent future infestations.

When Do you Need to Call for a Spider Control Service?

Spider Control in Westchase

Residents of Westchase can tolerate the warm, humid weather, but they might be unaware that it’s the reason why so many insects and spiders like to live there. It can be unsettling to deal with spiders and especially an infestation, even potentially causing danger to you and your family. When it comes to spider control in Westchase it’s important knowing when to contact a professional.

It is normal to feel uneasy when you see one or two spiders, but if you notice that they are multiplying into four or eight, that’s when you should be concerned. Home remedies rarely provide temporary relief, instead, give Greenhouse a call, we’ll offer a long-lasting fix. Our experts have the knowledge to handle any hazardous spiders you may have, including Widow spiders and Brown Recluse spiders.

It’s definitly time to call Greenhouse to handle spider control in Westchase if you see spider webs in and around your home. We want to transform your home for you and your family so you can live without the uneasy feeling of spiders invading your space.  

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Roach Control: How Roaches Can Impact Your Family’s Health

Roach Control in Westchase

Are there unwanted guests staying at your Westchase home? Roaches not only disrupt your peace but pose significant health risks for your family. Our roach control in Westchase is designed to protect your loved ones from these revolting pests.

Roaches are more than just unwelcomed guests; they can be very harmful to your health. These critters create proteins that cause allergies and result in symptoms like sneezing. Your respiratory system may be impacted by roach droppings, particularly if you have asthma. Salmonella and other dangerous bacteria are also carried by roaches, which can lead to illness.

We know Westchase is home to many families, so it’s important to keep your living space healthy. Our skilled technicians use cutting edge, safe, and efficient methods to get rid of roaches. We understand the importance of a pest-free home, which is why our roach control in Westchase is designed just for you.

Make the first step towards a healthier home environment. Contact us today for roach control in Westchase. Restore your peace of mind by putting your trust in us to handle your family’s needs. Your family deserves the best in Westchase, and a roach-free home is a healthy home.

How Do I Know if I’m Infested with Termites?

Termite Control in Westchase

Have you noticed round plastic circles surrounding the base of your neighbor’s home? These plastic cylinders are subterranean termite bait stations and may mean that termites are present and that the homeowner—or your neighbor—is attempting to treat for them. You may be asking yourself, but how do I find out if I have termites? You’ve come to the right place; Greenhouse is happy to help you understand more about termite control in Westchase.

Termite control in Westchase begins with awareness. Watch out for suggestive signs of termites, such as mud tubes along the foundation of your home, tapping on wood in and around your home to listen for the sound of hollow wood, and possible wings near the windowsills of your home.

Termite control in Westchase involves more than just getting rid of bugs it also involves preventing future infestations. Calling your friends over at Greenhouse to take preventative action might be a smart idea because termites are known for their ability to hide. Sentricon, a system that eliminates an entire termite colony is the solution our professionals have for termites. Give Greenhouse a call and we will provide you the best termite control approach in Westchase.

Are Fire Ants a Problem for Children?

Fire Ant Control in WestChase

Fire ants are tiny enemies that can ruin the day for residents in the adored community of Westchase, where playdates and backyard picnics are common events. These well-known insects present a problem for your young explorers because of their agonizing stings. However, there’s no need to worry because Greenhouse has the family friendly solution to fire ant control in Westchase.

Imagine this, your child and her neighborhood friends are playing pretend in your backyard swing set, when they encounter the notorious fire ants. These insects can turn innocent playtime into painful experiences with their aggressive sings. Fire ant stings can cause some children to have allergies or infections.

The presence of fire ants can limit outdoor activities; However, Greenhouse proudly offers effective fire ant control solution in Westchase. You can now have a worry-free playtime knowing that your children and the neighborhood children are safe from unexpected bites.

Give Greenhouse a call now so we can work together to make sure your kids continue to create memories, and fill your backyard with laughter.

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