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Greenhouse is the premier pest service provider in New Port Richey.  We specialize in treating and controlling common home pests like ants, spiders, cockroaches, spiders, termites and more while remaining environmentally friendly. Our family-owned business has years of experience providing safe pest control New Port Richey solutions for homes throughout the area. As a trusted part of the community, we utilize conscious products and humane prevention tactics to ensure your home is pest-free. Give us a call today to keep creepy crawlies away from your New Port Richey home at an affordable price!

New Port Richey

Discover pest-free living in New Port Richey with Greenhouse Environmental’s expert solutions. Our eco-friendly approach ensures a healthy balance, safeguarding homes in this thriving community.

Your Local Pest Control in New Port Richey

New Port Richey is an irresistible draw for people and pests alike. The area’s ample vegetation and especially dense population create the perfect storm for increased pest activity. To explain, more people and plenty of greenery means pests of all types find an abundance of hiding spots, food sources and breeding grounds in New Port Richey.

However, to your friends at Greenhouse Environmental, these challenges are simply opportunities to share our talents with you and your family, delivering the reliable pest solution New Port Richey residents deserve. Our team is drawn from local pest experts who know the ins and outs of New Port Richey’s unique environment, and they’re more than happy to transform the enjoyment of your home. Call us today to learn just how affordable relief can be!

Why Are Ants in My Home?  

Ant Control in New Port Richey 

In the quiet community of New Port Richey, residents often find themselves facing the nuisance of household ants. From the large red ants that boldly march through your backyard to the tiny, elusive ants that seem to appear out of nowhere in your bathroom, ant infestations are a common issue. Ant control in New Port Richey is a priority for many homeowners as these unwelcome guests invade homes in search of food, shelter, and moisture. Whether it’s the sight of large queen ants or the persistence of small household ants in the kitchen, getting effective and efficient ant control is crucial.   

Fortunately, residents of New Port Richey have a trusted ally in Greenhouse Environmental, a reputable pest control company dedicated to serving the community. With years of experience and a deep understanding of local pest behaviors, our team specializes in targeting large red ants and eliminating those annoying little brown ants. We use environmentally friendly methods to ensure thorough and lasting results. When it comes to ant control in New Port Richey, Greenhouse Environmental is the go-to choice for reliable and effective pest management. Don’t let ants take over your home; contact us today for expert consultation and a free quote.  


 Can Roaches Get in the Refrigerator?  

Roach Control in New Port Richey 

One of the most common concerns among homeowners in New Port Richey is whether roaches can invade their refrigerators. While a refrigerator may seem like a shield against pests, roaches are surprisingly resourceful in finding their way into homes and spaces. Although roaches are generally drawn to warm, moist environments with access to food sources, they can still seek shelter in cooler areas like refrigerators, especially if there are spills or crumbs present. Both big roaches and baby roaches can potentially find their way into the refrigerator through small cracks or gaps in the seals of the fridge. The presence of big cockroaches in the house can be particularly alarming, as they might venture into other kitchen appliances.   

Residents in New Port Richey facing roach infestations can turn to Greenhouse Environmental for expert assistance. As a trusted local pest control company, we specialize in roach control in New Port Richey, offering tailored solutions to fight against infestations of all sizes. Whether you’re dealing with a big roach or a baby roach infestation, our experienced technicians are equipped with advanced techniques and environmentally friendly treatments to effectively eradicate roaches from your home. Don’t let the sight of big cockroaches in your house disrupt your peace of mind; get in touch with Greenhouse Environmental for comprehensive roach control services and reclaim your living environment.

I Think I have Wolf Spiders in My Home, What Should I Do?    

Spider Control in New Port Richey 

Encountering a wolf spider in your home, whether in the garage or scuttling across your floor, can be an unsettling experience. These large, creepy spiders, often black or dark brown, are known for their distinctive hunting techniques and appearance. When wolf spider infestations occur indoors, particularly in areas like garages or inside dark corners of homes, residents of New Port Richey may seek quick and effective spider control measures to address the issue.  

Residents of New Port Richey facing wolf spider infestations inside or outside their homes can rely on Greenhouse Environmental, their local pest control experts. With expertise in spider control, including dealing with wolf spider nests and addressing infestations, our professionals offer tailored solutions to ensure homes remain spider-free. Whether it’s identifying the source of infestations, implementing preventative measures, or using efficient removal techniques, our service provides residents with peace of mind. Greenhouse Environmental offers free quotes for residents in New Port Richey, so get started on creating a spider-free space today!  

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What Do Termites Do to Wood?  

Termite Control in New Port Richey 

Subterranean termites are the most common species found in New Port Richey homes and pose a significant threat to wooden structures. These relentless pests can cause extensive damage, ultimately ruining a home’s structure. Termites in houses often remain undetected until signs of their presence become evident, such as mud tubes along walls or floors, hollow-sounding wood, or discarded termite wings. Despite their small size, subterranean termites work together within their colonies to consume wood from the inside out, leaving a trail of destruction that can be quite costly for homeowners in New Port Richey.  

For residents concerned about termites in their homes, proactive termite control measures are essential for protecting their properties. Local pest control companies like Greenhouse offer tailored solutions for termite protection and infestations. We employ advanced detection methods and effective treatment options, such as Sentricon. Our professionals can assist homeowners in identifying and eliminating termite colonies, preventing further damage, and providing peace of mind. Greenhouse offers free quotes for residents in New Port Richey seeking effective termite control.  



When Are Fire Ants Most Active?  

Fire Ant Control in New Port Richey 

In New Port Richey, Florida, fire ants are most active during the warmer months, typically from spring to fall. As temperatures rise, fire ant colonies become more active, with ants looking for food and seeking to expand their nests. During the peak of summer, when temperatures soar, fire ants are particularly aggressive and can pose a significant threat to children, residents, and pets. Fire ant mounds can be found in various locations, including driveways and backyards, making encounters with these stinging insects quite common for locals.  

Residents in New Port Richey seeking effective fire ant control solutions can rely on Greenhouse, a trusted pest control company known for its efficient and reliable services. With our expertise in fire ant management, including the best methods for prevention and elimination, Greenhouse offers tailored solutions to address fire ant infestations. Whether through targeted treatments like fire ant spray for yards or comprehensive elimination methods, our team ensures that residents can enjoy their outdoor spaces without the fear of fire ant encounters. We provide residents with the best fire ant control options available and offer free quotes for New Port Richey homeowners ready to reclaim their homes from these resilient pests. 

How To Treat Yellowjackets  

Wasp Control in New Port Richey 

In cozy, coastal New Port Richey, outdoor time often goes hand in hand with uninvited marauders: yellowjacket hornets. These aggressive stingers frequently lay claim to the eaves of local homes, posing a threat to residents as they come and go and causing havoc at backyard bbqs. But never fear, there’s no need to surrender your outdoor enjoyment to these buzzing pests. Your local Greenhouse technicians are experts in safe, reliable yellowjacket control solutions. We adeptly locate and eliminate nests, returning your outdoor space to you and your loved ones. Say goodbye to yellowjacket terror once and for all—call Greenhouse today to give the boot to these stressful pests.

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