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Largo combines small-town feel and big-city energy, making it the perfect place to call home. The city is also known for its environmental consciousness, which is why Greenhouse Environmental is proud to offer our safe and effective pest control services to the residents of Largo.

We specialize in environmentally-friendly methods of pest control, using only the safest products and techniques to eliminate pests from your home. In saying that, our goal is to protect your health and home without harming the environment and we are committed to providing the highest level of customer service possible.

If you’re looking for a pest control company in Largo that you can trust to safeguard your family and home, contact Greenhouse Environmental today. Did you know that we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation and we can start to tailor a pest control plan that meets your specific needs? Thankfully, we are here to assist with all of your pest control in Largo needs. 


Greenhouse navigating Largo’s pest control needs with precision, our local expertise sets us apart. As residents of Largo ourselves, we intimately understand the unique challenges posed by the local environment, allowing us to provide tailored solutions that ensure effective pest management while preserving the charm of our community.

I have Carpenter Ants in My Home, What Should I Do? 

Ant Control in Largo

In Largo, Florida, where various species of ants thrive, controlling ant infestations, especially carpenter ants, is a top priority for homeowners. Carpenter ants pose a significant threat, as they can cause structural damage by tunneling through wood, such as baseboards, making them particularly concerning for homeowners in Largo. Recognizable by their big black and big-headed appearance, these ants can be difficult to eliminate once they have established an infestation within a home. To effectively fight against ant infestations, residents often seek the assistance of pest control companies such as Greenhouse Environmental. 

Greenhouse Environmental employs specialized techniques tailored to fighting off carpenter ant populations, understanding the unique challenges they pose. With our expertise and treatments, we can effectively eradicate infestations. Greenhouse Environmental helps homeowners in Largo reclaim their homes from the destructive presence of carpenter ants. For residents in Largo seeking ant control, Greenhouse provides free quotes. 

Can Pest Control Help Me With Spiders?

Spider Control in Largo

Largo, a city surrounded by serene lakes and lush parks, is a beautiful place to raise a family but also a magnet for creepy crawly eight-legged pests—spiders. We get it. The almost-constant presence of arachnids can leave residents feeling overwhelmed, especially when they start showing up inside. Plus, no one likes to discover spider webs tucked away in eaves, pool cages and corners.

But that’s where Greenhouse Environmental comes in: our local pest experts understand exactly what it takes to control Largo’s spider problem. And we don’t just remove the spiders; we primarily focus on prevention, creating a pest-free environment customized to best fit your home. With Greenhouse on your side, take back peace of mind and enjoy the spider-free life. Ready to find out what it’s like? Give us a call today for your customized spider control Largo treatment plan to transform your home into the spider-free paradise you deserve.

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How To Get Rid of Florida Cockroaches 

Roach Control in Largo

Roaches are unwelcome guests in any home, and understanding what attracts them is the key to effective roach control in Largo. In Florida, particularly, roaches are drawn to warm, humid environments, making houses in Largo ideal habitats for them. They are more attracted to factors such as food crumbs, spills, and unsealed food containers that provide enough food for these pests. Additionally, cluttered or unkempt areas serve as the perfect hiding spots, allowing roaches to multiply rapidly. 

Greenhouse Environmental, a trusted pest control company in Largo, understands the challenges residents face in fighting roach infestations. When DIY methods fail or infestations become overwhelming, our team offers comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs. We specialize in targeted treatments to eliminate roaches at their source, protecting your home from these harmful pests. Don’t let roaches threaten your comfort and health; contact Greenhouse today for a free quote. 

How Do I Treat Subterranean Termites? 

Termite Control in Largo

Subterranean termites pose an invasive threat to homes, particularly in regions like Largo, Florida, where they thrive in warm, humid conditions. These termites are attracted to moisture and wood, making structures with wooden frames or excessive moisture prime targets for infestations. Subterranean termites are typically white with soft bodies. They construct mud tubes to travel between their underground nests and their food sources. These silent invaders can cause extensive damage over time, compromising the foundation of homes and leading to costly repairs. For effective termite control in Largo, it’s crucial to address both existing infestations and implement preventative measures. 

Greenhouse Environmental is a reputable pest control company specializing in termite treatment and prevention for termite control in Largo. Our expert technicians are equipped with advanced techniques and environmentally friendly solutions to effectively fight against termites. We understand the unique challenges posed by subterranean termites and tailor our approach to suit the specific needs of each client’s property. Greenhouse Environmental provides comprehensive termite control for Largo residents. Don’t let termites jeopardize your safety; call Greenhouse today for professional termite treatment and long-term prevention strategies. 

Effective Lawn Spray for Fire Ant Extermination

Fire Ant Control in Largo

Fire ant control in Largo is a pressing concern for homeowners, given the aggressive nature of these pests and their painful stings. Greenhouse Environmental offers an effective solution with our specialized lawn spray treatment. This treatment targets fire ant mounds directly, ensuring the elimination of all fire ants, including big red fire ants, giant fire ants, and large fire ants. Greenhouse Enivronmental’s lawn spray treatment is designed to seep deep into the soil, reaching the colonies of fire ants. Not only does this treatment eradicate fire ants, but it also addresses other pests such as fleas, ticks, and more. 

Greenhouse Enivronmental’s lawn spray treatment not only eliminates fire ants but also provides long-lasting protection against future infestations. By treating the entire lawn, this solution creates a barrier that deters fire ants and other pests from returning. Homeowners can rely on Greenhouse Enivronmental’s lawn spray treatment, knowing that their property is effectively protected against fire ants and other pests. Call Greenhouse today for a free quote and get started with our lawn spray treatment. 

Black Bugs in Your Pantry? 

Pantry Pest Control in Largo

The last thing you want to discover when reaching for a snack is that your pantry and the food in it have become a breeding ground for squirming little black bugs. Being overwhelmed by pantry pests is a feeling all too familiar for many residents and it can happen in even the cleanest homes. Opening a box of cereal or a bag of flour should be a surprise-free experience.

At Greenhouse Environmental, we understand that sometimes these icky invaders find their way into kitchens like yours. Thankfully, we have the tools to not only eliminate pantry pests but even provide long-term defense against weevils, carpet beetles and more. Say goodbye to the worry of finding black bugs in your pantry and hello to the confidence that comes with a pest-free kitchen. Get in touch to discover just how much of a difference it can make to have pantry pest control for your Largo home.

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