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Responsible homeowners looking for pest control in Sarasota know that you can’t choose just any company.  You need a provider with specific knowledge of Sarasota pests in our area and how to eliminate them, but even that isn’t enough.  You also need pest defense that only an experienced eye and a kind heart can deliver.  Luckily, Greenhouse Environmental technicians don’t simply apply pest control products, they’re stewards of healthy homes and the environment.  We make sure to give our customers the knowledge they need to identify potential pest entry points and attractants, because the person that knows what’s best for your home is you. From Southgate to Siesta, residents trust Greenhouse’s pest control Sarasota program. Join the family and contact Greenhouse today for total home protection in Sarasota.


Unleash Sarasota’s charm without the nuisance of pests! Greenhouse Environmental brings a touch of green luxury to your doorstep, providing effective and environmentally conscious pest control services that are tailored to Sarasota’s vibrant culture.

What Are Ghost Ants?

Ant Control in Sarasota 

Sarasota’s warm and humid climate makes it an inviting haven for everyone, including ghost ants. These tiny, almost-translucent pests can easily go unnoticed until they’ve formed full parades marching around your kitchen or bathroom. If you’ve noticed these little intruders scurrying across your countertops or foraging for crumbs, it’s time to take action.

At Greenhouse Environmental, we understand what it’s like for Sarasota residents to deal with ghost ant infestations. Given that, our patient, engaging technicians are well-acquainted with the habits and preferences of these pests, making us Sarasota’s trusted partner in reliable ghost ant control and removal.

Ghost ants may be small, but they can be a significant disturbance to your daily life, contaminating food and triggering allergies. Seeing that, our customized ghost ant control solutions are designed to eliminate current infestations swiftly while creating a protective shield against future invasions. Don’t let ghost ants control the way you live. Call Greenhouse today to discover how successful our ant control Sarasota plan really is!

Can Roaches Make Me Sick?  

Roach Control in Sarasota 

Roaches can indeed pose a significant health risk to humans. These resilient pests can carry an abundance of disease and bacteria on their bodies and their feces, posing a threat to human health when they come into contact with food, utensils, or surfaces in living spaces. In Sarasota, where there’s warmth and moisture, roaches can thrive, increasing the risk of contamination. Their presence in such settings can lead to the spread of diseases like Salmonella, E. coli, and more that can cause food poisoning and fevers.   

Effective roach control is essential to protecting families and individuals from the health hazards associated with roach infestations. Greenhouse is your local, trusted, and family-owned pest control company here to integrate roach control techniques and methods. Roach control services in Sarasota can help reduce the health risks posed by these pests and prevent roaches from entering homes. Call Greenhouse today to get a free quote to eliminate roaches and protect families and pets from allergies, infections, and other health hazards posed by these pests.   

Where in Homes and Outdoors Are Spiders Found?  

Spider Control in Sarasota 

Spiders are commonly found in various hiding spaces both inside and outside people’s homes. Inside homes, spiders tend to seek shelter in secluded areas such as attics, garages, closets, and behind furniture. They are also frequently found in dark, undisturbed corners of rooms, behind picture frames, and underneath sinks. Additionally, spiders may inhabit storage areas where clutter accumulates, providing them with many hiding spots. Outside homes, spiders often inhabit gardens, sheds, woodpiles, and pool cages, where they can find prey and suitable nesting sites. They may also spin webs in bushes and trees.   

In Sarasota, where the warm and humid climate fosters spider activity, reliable and effective spider control services are essential for homeowners. Professional pest control companies in Sarasota offer comprehensive treatments for spiders both inside and outside homes, targeting their hiding places. Through a combination of habitat modification, exclusive techniques, and targeted applications, these companies can help homeowners mitigate spider infestations and reduce the risk of spider-related health concerns. By partnering with a reputable spider control service in Sarasota, like Greenhouse, residents can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their homes are protected from these creepy crawlers.   

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How Do I Get a Termite Inspection? 

Termite Control in Sarasota 

When it comes to protecting homes against the destructive force of termites, Greenhouse Environmental in Sarasota stands as a reliable and trusted ally. Our termite inspection process is free of charge and begins with a thorough walkthrough of the property. During this, our trained technicians meticulously examine key areas for signs of termite activity. We pay close attention to indicators such as hallow-sounding wood, discarded termite wings, mud tubes, and other telltale signs of infestations. This comprehensive inspection allows us to accurately assess the extent of any termite presence and identify potential entry points.   

Following the inspection, we tailor a customized treatment plan to meet the unique needs of each home. As part of our fight against termites, we use Sentricon, a proven termite baiting system that targets subterranean termites. Our technicians strategically place Sentricon bait stations around the perimeter of homes forming a protective barrier, intercepting termites before they can cause further damage. With Greenhouse Enivronmental’s expertise and dedication to effective termite control in Sarasota, homeowners can rest assured that their properties are protected against the threat of termite infestations.   

*Please note that Greenhouse does not offer Wood Destroying Organism Reports. 

** Please note that Greenhouse does not provide services for drywood termites. 


What’s the Best Treatment for Fire Ants and Why? 

Fire Ant Control in Sarasota 

Fire ants represent a significant threat due to their painful stings and aggressive behavior, which can pose serious risks to both children and pets. These ants are known for their swarming attacks when disturbed, and their venomous stings can cause intense pain, allergic reactions, and even in severe cases medical emergencies. Recognizing the urgency of addressing fire ant infestations, Greenhouse Environmental employs a highly effective approach to fire ant control in Sarasota.   

One of the most reliable and comprehensive treatments for fire ants used by our professionals is a targeted lawn spray. The lawn spray covers the entire yard, from front to back, ensuring that every corner of the property is protected against fire ant activity. By treating the entire lawn, we create a barrier that not only eliminates existing fire ant colonies but also prevents new infestations from taking place. Our commitment to fire ant control in Sarasota means that homeowners can enjoy their outdoor space, knowing that their families and pets are safe from the painful stings of fire ants. 

Centipedes in My House, What Should I Do?

Centipede Control in Sarasota 

Sarasota’s picturesque landscapes and lush gardens are undoubtedly a draw for visitors….. and centipedes. The many hiding spots and abundant moisture can cause these many-legged pests to make their way into your Sarasota home. If you’ve encountered these speedy intruders terrorizing your living spaces, it might just be time to call Greenhouse.

Our team of pest experts is well-versed in resolving the centipede challenges that Sarasota residents face. As such, our technicians are well-versed in centipede behaviors, habitats and the most effective methods of elimination.

Centipedes, with their unsettling appearance and rapid movements, can quickly become a disconcerting presence in your home. However, our customized centipede control solutions are designed to swiftly eliminate current infestations while laying necessary foundations to preventing future invasions. Don’t let centipedes disrupt the peace of mind of your Sarasota home. Contact Greenhouse today for a tailored solution today.

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