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Welcome to our Southgate community! We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and pest-free home for the well-being of the residents. At Greenhouse Environmental, we are dedicated to ensuring the comfort and safety of your homes.  

With our extensive experience in pest control, we offer comprehensive solutions to address a variety of pest issues that may arise in Southgate. From common nuisances like ants and roaches to more challenging problems with termites and rodents, our team is equipped to handle it all. 

Explore our range of services designed specifically for Southgate residents, and let us partner with you to create a pest-free living environment. Your peace of mind is our priority. 


In Southgate, Greenhouse pest control guarantees services that keep your home secure from pests. With a commitment to your peace of mind, we ensure reliable protection for your living space.


The Best Way to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

Ant Control in Southgate

Carpenter ants are a common household pest in Southgate. Homeowners sometimes mistake the ants in their home for termites; they are similar to termites, but they won’t eat wood. The only damage they cause is when they build nests in soft wood. Dealing with carpenter ants can be challenging, but your local pest control at Greenhouse in Southgate can provide you with steps that you can take to get rid of carpenter ants.

To begin, identify the nest by looking for areas with sawdust-like material. Once located, take the following steps:

Eliminate Moisture: Carpenter ants are attracted to moisture, so fix any leaks or water-damaged areas in and around your house.

Trim Trees and Shrubs: Carpenter ants may use branches and shrubs as a bridge to access your home, so trim those that touch your house.

However, the best solution to get rid of carpenter ants is to hire your local pest control company, Greenhouse Environmental. We are here to safeguard your home from carpenter ant invasions. Let us take care of you and your family. Contact us today to experience the difference of local expertise combined with exceptional service.

In Which Season Do Roaches Thrive the Most?

Roach Control in Southgate

The disadvantage of living where people vacation is the warm and humid climate that is always present, creating the best environment for roaches and other pests. Despite your efforts to combat the heightened risk of a roach infestation, they will find a way to get into your Southgate home. These resilient pests can be active all year round in your home, as roaches become more active during warm or semi-warm weather. Always in search of food, water, and shelter, they can easily find entry points in and around your homes.

However, with the assistance of your trusted Greenhouse pest control in Southgate, together, we will go beyond elimination, ensuring prevention as well. No matter the season, our comprehensive services are designed to safeguard your home, providing a roach-free living space. Contact us today to learn more about our services and take the proactive step to protect your home throughout the seasons.

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How To Get Spiders Out of Their Hiding Spaces?

Spider Control in Southgate

Do you have unwanted spiders in your Southgate house, and you don’t know how to get them out of their hiding spaces? You came to the right place to learn more about spiders and their tricky ways.  

  • We recommend you declutter your living spaces by removing potential hiding places such as stacks of newspapers or cardboard.  
  • Spiders prefer quiet places, so clean thoroughly in corners, behind furniture, and in seldom-used areas.  
  • To repel spiders, natural deterrents such as citrus peels, vinegar, or essential oils such as peppermint can be strategically placed.  
  • Another tip is to reduce indoor lighting at night because spiders are attracted to insects that are attracted by bright lights.  
  • Finally, consider sealing entry points such as cracks and gaps, to keep new arachnids out.  

Let Greenhouse Environmental in Southgate take care of the rest by providing you with regular inspections and removing spider webs that may attract them back to your house. Contact us today to learn more about our service. 

Is Termite Treatment Needed Every Year?

Termite Control in Southgate

You may be asking yourself, do I need termite treatment every year in my Southgate home? The frequency of termite treatments depends on many factors, including your location, the treatment applied, and the extent of the previous treatment.

Given that subterranean termites are common in Florida and thrive in the warm and humid climate, Southgate, being a city with a high risk of termite infestations, necessitates annual inspections to catch early signs of activity.

Furthermore, prevention is highly recommended to Southgate residents, and utilizing the baiting method is a proactive approach. With Greenhouse Environmental, you can rest easy knowing that Sentricon has been installed at your home, providing protection from any termite infestation.

Consult with us to let our experts assess your situation and provide you with the best termite prevention and treatment plan for your home.

How Do I Tell the Difference Between Fire Ants and Other Ants? 

Fire Ants Control in Southgate

Distinguishing fire ants from other ant species is essential for effective pest control. Not only are fire ants known for their reddish-brown to dark brown color, but they also have distinct two-segmented bodies with noticeable waists. However, what really sets them apart is their aggressive behavior and painful stings.

Moreover, when you disturb them, fire ants will deliver painful bites that can cause allergic reactions. Another distinctive feature is their mounds, which appear like loose, crumbly soil in many Southgate backyards without a visible hole at the top.

If you notice these features of fire ants in your house or yard, it’s crucial to take action. Contact your local pest control company, Greenhouse Environmental. We can ensure identification and provide you with the right treatment for fire ants.

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