Tampa is Ranked 3rd Most Roach Infested City

08 April 2024 · 3 min read


Overview of Tampa’s 3rd Place Ranking

According to an article presented on the website Patch, Tampa roach control is an issue, landing itself 3rd out of 25 cities in the United States that are most roach infested. People in Tampa are constantly calling for exterminators and pest control companies to get rid of the creepy crawlers. These roaches are causing a real headache for residents and are pointing out the need for some serious bug control in the city.

These six-legged intruders have made themselves at home in Tampa, The ranking not only represents the scale of the issue but also the significance of the community putting effort in to manage these roaches. Residents in the city need to start to take proactive measures with pest control services and stop the pollution. The problem with roaches has already entered the city, and it’s time for Tampa residents to step up and fix that problem. However, understanding where these roaches are stemming from is the first step.

Understanding the Issue in Tampa

There are many significant aspects to Tampa’s roach problem. Some are due to the climate, others are because of residents, and others are just the way roaches live an breed.

Tampa creates the perfect home for these repulsive creatures. Roaches love dark, humid places and Tampa’s severe humidity and heat in the summer make it the perfect home for roaches. Roaches flourish in compacted cities that contain cardboard, garbage, and moisture from plumbing systems. Even though this city is among the cleanest, roaches continue to raid dumpsters, streets, and homes. Roaches are carnivores and herbivores meaning they will consume anything from meat to lettuce. However, it doesn’t stop there, they will also consume decaying insects, fingernails, and feces to name a few.

 One important thing to remember about roaches is their hatred towards cold and rainy weather. In the winter, you may notice that there are more roaches in your home. This is due to the fact that they are looking for openings or cracks where they can get warm.  This is why it’s crucial to inspect your walls, doors and windows to make sure there are no openings allowing insects to get inside.

Roaches love wet places in homes, such as your clogged gutter after a storm. They hang out in your gutters where they can feel the damp leaves and hide under them for warmth. The backyard bird bath is another spot in your yard where they love to hang out. Bird baths attract roaches because they have standing water, this is also the reason you find roaches in your bathroom. The warm and moist atmosphere causes them to come up through the drains.  

How To Tell If You Have a Roach Problem in Tampa

Finding out you have a roach problem before a full-blown infestation takes over is significantly better. When roaches settle in your home, they multiply more quickly due to the free access to food and water. Keeping an eye out for first indications of a roach infestation will save you a headache in the long run. When determining whether you have an infestation of roaches, there are multiple things to look for.

  • Droppings: These typically look like coffee beans and are a clear sign of an infestation
  • Smear Marks: You will often find marks on your walls where the roaches have been most active
  • Strange Oder: If you smell an oily, musty, or moist smell, this is a sign and a call for other roaches to join the party in your home.
  • Eggs: Finding roach eggs is definitely a sign you have a roach infestation, these eggs are found in safe, dark places in your home. There are normally between 10 to 90 eggs laid by the female roach, with each egg containing 15 to 20 roaches.
  • Skin they Shed off:  Roaches shed about 5 to 8 times in their lifetime, leaving behind only an empty shell of their body.
  • Frequent Sightings: If you switch the light on in your kitchen or bathroom, and a roach shoots across the wall to hide, this a sign there might be more where it’s hiding.

Solutions To a Roach Infestation in Tampa

After reading through the different signs of a roach infestation and having several of those bullet points crossed off, you might be asking yourself, What Do I Do Now?

The best solution to a roach infestation is making a call to your friends at Greenhouse Termite and Pest Control. Unfortunately, when it comes to roaches, DIY solutions are not ideal due to the fact they can reproduce so quickly. Our Experts at Greenhouse, have years of experience dealing with a wide range of roach species, including Palmetto, German, and Asian roaches. Our techniques have proven themselves through decades of experience. Together, let’s take Tampa back off the list of the top 25 cities with the highest infestation of roaches. Get a free estimate from us and protect your home against roach infestations.

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