What Smell Do Roaches Hate?

14 May 2024 · 2 min read


Discovering an unwanted cockroach in your living space can be unsettling for any homeowner. Fortunately, you can naturally maintain a pest-free home by utilizing smells that cockroaches hate. Continue reading to uncover the scents that deter these unwanted guests.

How Cockroaches Navigate and Avoid Unwanted Odors

Cockroaches possess an acute sense of smell, which they use for communication and locating safe food sources. They rely on their two antennas to detect odors, creating mental maps to navigate their environment for security, warmth, food, and hydration.

Since their sense of smell is very strong, certain natural scents are unappealing to them. When exposed to these scents, they perceive the area as potentially hazardous and instinctively seek safer environments. Homeowners who understand how to repel these pests using deterring aromas can make them relocate, sparing their homes from potential infestations.

4 Smells that Roaches Hate 

Citrus Scents

Roaches despise the smell of lemons, limes, oranges, and other citrus fruits. The d-limonene found in citrus peels is believed to disrupt their ability to breed and reproduce. Place lemon or orange peels in areas where you see roaches to enjoy a fresh citrus scent while deterring them. 

Coffee Grounds

Did you know cockroaches hate the smell of coffee? The oils in used coffee grounds are highly repellent to them. Simply sprinkle coffee grounds along the perimeter of your home to keep them away. 


The menthol aroma of peppermint is highly repellent to roaches. Grow peppermint plants indoors, use peppermint essential oil, or sprinkle dried peppermint leaves in areas prone to roaches. 


Planting a eucalyptus bush or spraying essential oil around your home is an effective way to repel cockroaches. Additionally, it adds a relaxing fragrance to the area.

When to Hire Professional Pest Control

When it comes to severe infestations, professional cockroach extermination is essential. While scents can help keep roaches at bay, they may not fully address large-scale problems. At Greenhouse Termite and Pest Control, our licensed pest experts employ targeted treatments to completely eradicate roaches from homes. Don’t allow these disease-spreading insects to take over. Contact us today for a free quote on cockroach control and reclaim your peace of mind!



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